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Lockout Boxes & Cabinets

Need help? Need help? How can Lockout Boxes benefit your safety progam? Lockout-tagout is an effective safety system that allows faulty machinery and electrical equipment to be locked out, preventing use until the necessary repairs have taken place. Lockout boxes are a useful addition to your lockout program, offering a safe and secure place to store any items used to start machinery until everyone in the team has checked that it is safe to use once again.

Keeping the machinery locked out is an essential part of this procedure and can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Accident prevention is a key part of any health and safety strategy and is necessary to comply with the law.

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Lockout Storage Boxes: Buying Guide

Often, when equipment is locked out, there are a number of checks that need to be performed before it can be readied for use again, and there may be a number of people who need to complete these. Using lockout boxes makes it easy for a maintenance team to prevent access to the equipment needed to restart the faulty machinery until all of the checks have been completed.

The lockout boxes we supply are constructed from durable materials, including steel, acrylic and polypropylene. These make them tough enough to withstand the inevitable challenges of industrial environments but are also light enough to be portable. There are a number of options in the range, so you can choose the lockout box that is best-suited to your equipment and maintenance team. The range of lockout boxes also includes a handy lockout tool box for carrying everything needed for this procedure.

We also supply a number of lockout station options, lockout boxes give your devices excellent portability but with the use of a station you can add a highly visible centralised point from which to store and administer your lockout program when needed.

Varied Mounting Options for Your Lockout Storage Solution

Most of our lockout boxes are suitable for wall-mounting, providing convenient storage for the valves lockout devices and tools restricted during the lockout. Others have a handle, which makes them suitable for transporting these items for safe storage. The range also includes some lockout boxes that are both wall-mounted and portable, which is particularly convenient.

With bold designs, the lockout boxes are easily visible even from a distance, and the boxes are clearly labelled with easy-to-read writing. The inside offers convenient storage for the tools and keys that have been locked out, and there is space for a number of padlocks so that the lockout boxes can be conveniently used by a team. To make sure that you have everything that you need to use your lockout boxes straight away, take a look at our range of padlocks available, these have been categorised into non-conductive padlocks for use with electrical equipment and strong and highly durable metal padlocks for extra security, ideal for sealing off valve lockouts from unauthorised actions.

To make sure that you have everything you need to carry out a lockout-tagout procedure, we supply a comprehensive range of lockout devices, including valve and circuit breaker lockout devices. Lockout tags for use on all types of device and safety padlocks enable a clear chain of information and provide essential inspection and safety guidance. We supply a selection of everything that you will need to build up an efficient lockout-tagout system.

If a piece of machinery has been placed in a lockout, you want it to remain that way until it has been judged to be safe. Lockout boxes are an effective way of ensuring this.