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Recycling Labels

Need help? Need help? Why is recycling important? Looking for the Best Recycling Labels? Every Business Covered

Many businesses recognise the importance of workplace recycling, which is easy to do now that so many common items are easy to dispose of. Common items you use on your business premises that should be recycled include paper, plastics, metals, glass, textiles, computer equipment, mobile phones and other electrical equipment.

To ensure that items are safely and appropriately recycled in your workplace, it is vital that staff and visitors know that recycling is available, what can be recycled and, of course, where to leave various items for recycling. Your organisation can make this easier by designating bins and receptacles for common types of recyclable materials and marking them clearly with eye-catching recycling labels or stickers.

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Why Should I Recycle?

Recycling is the safest and most responsible option when it comes to disposing of most waste products. Many items need to be recycled in order to protect the environment and support the economy. Some business waste, such as ink cartridges, batteries and mobile phones, can be toxic and therefore harmful to the environment when they end up in landfills. Non-biodegradable waste may sit in landfills for hundreds of years, releasing toxic substances or greenhouse gases as it breaks down, as is the case with many plastics and textiles.

In addition, it can make sound economic sense to recycle most items, as recycling material into new goods is generally more efficient and invariably uses less energy than making new products from raw materials. As an example, Let’s Recycle claims that up to a third of all clothing bought in the UK ends up in landfills, and the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has suggested that this material, if reused or recycled, could generate up to £140m in revenue.

Therefore, recycling as much as possible helps reduce landfill waste and the pollution caused by items breaking down in landfills, as well as reducing pollution released in the manufacturing of new products. In addition, recycling is good for the economy, providing cheaper manufacturing materials for new products.

How Do I Recycle in my Business?

Most common items can now be recycled in various ways. Local authorities collect a lot of recycling door-to-door and may also provide drop-off points within your local community. You can also take your waste to some recycling centres or pay them to come by and pick it up. A lot will depend on the size of your business and how much recycling you generate, but there is doubtless a solution for your needs.

Many companies that sell ink cartridges, for example, will now allow businesses and individuals to return empty cartridges for free. Most electrical items you use in your office can also be recycled, from computers and printers through to kettles and coffee makers. If it runs off an electrical source, has a charger or has batteries, it can almost certainly be recycled.

You can find out where your closest recycling centre is and exactly which items it will accept on the Recycle Now website, which is also a good resource to find out how to dispose of a specific item, such as an electrical appliance or piece of office furniture.

What Can I Recycle?

A wide range of materials and items that you use in your business can be recycled, including some of the following common items:

  • Paper and card

  • Most plastics

  • Most metals

  • Most glass

  • Most textiles, including mixed textiles

  • Printer cartridges

  • Most packaging and many packing materials

  • Computers, laptops and printers

  • Other office equipment

  • Mobile phones

  • Small appliances such as kettles and coffee makers

  • Batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

What Recycling Labels Do I Need?

Which recycling labels you need in your business will depend on your individual circumstances and what type of waste you generate, but there is no doubt that clear and relevant recycling labels can be a real help in implementing a company recycling policy that everyone is aware of. Some of the labels you may need include:

  • Recycling labels for glass

  • Recycling labels for plastics

  • Recycling labels for textiles

  • Recycling labels for hazardous waste

  • Recycling labels for household waste

  • Recycling labels for metals

  • Recycling labels for paper

  • Recycling labels for electrical goods

  • A general ‘please recycle’ sign

Depending on the type of work carried out in your company, you may only need a few recycling labels, or a wide range of them.

Where Should Recycling Labels be Placed?

Recycling labels for bins should be placed in a prominent position on the container that is being used to collect a specific material. Recycle bin label stickers are often in a bright, bold colour to stand out against the usually dark and dull colour of many bins and recycling containers. Labels for bins allow for material-specific information to be placed on each recycling receptacle. You may also want to invest in bigger, more prominent recycle bin posters to draw attention to some less obvious recycling bins around your workplace.

Best Recycling Labels

The recycling labels you will need in your business premises will, of course, depend on the type of business you run, what activities you carry out and which kinds of materials and products you need to recycle. Here are some of our top recycling labels, covering a variety of materials. At Seton, all of our recycling labels and other recycling signage support the Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

If Everyone Does A Little Recycling’ Signs – Simple and distinctive, these signs serve as a general reminder on the importance of recycling around your business premises. They are also useful as a recycle bin poster, as they incorporate easy-peel, self-adhesive backing. Because these signs are flexible, they are ideal for curved surfaces, such as cylindrical bins and recycling containers.

WRAP Symbol Recycling Labels – Glass – These recycling labels come in sheets of four labels, colour coded to allow for the collection of clear glass, brown glass, blue glass and mixed glass. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as long as they are applied to a clean, dry surface.

WRAP Symbol Recycling Labels – Household Waste – With clear images to reinforce the text on each label, this option also comes in sheets of four labels indicating where to place food waste, garden waste, mixed recycling and non-recyclable waste.

WRAP Symbol Recycling Labels – Paper – This sheet of four labels allows for the separation of paper products into paper, cardboard, mixed paper and card, and mixed paper. Like all our recycling labels, these come in hard-wearing vinyl as well as the option of removable, repositionable vinyl.

WRAP Symbol Recycling Labels – Hazardous Waste – Available in bright yellow to capture attention, these hazardous waste recycling labels come in sheets of four with two different designs for chemicals and general hazardous materials, accompanied by an easily recognisable warning symbol.

If you have any questions about the type of mixed material recycling signage you need in your workplace, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. Our friendly experts are always happy to chat with you about your individual needs and requirements.

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