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Fire Exit Signs

Need help? Need help? Do your evacuation signs follow current regulations? Fire exit signs provide clear visual guidance to the nearest exit, which could prove invaluable in an emergency. We have a large range of fire exit signage to choose from, in a variety of sizes and materials.

See below for more information, an FAQs section and our buying guide.

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Fire Emergency Information Signs: Buying Guide

Fire Exit Signs Save Lives

Emergency exit signs are designed to clearly show people where they should go in the event of a fire or other emergency. They should be positioned using suitable sign fixings and in such a way so as to show everyone the shortest and quickest route out of your premises.

The distance people need to travel to escape your building should be as short as possible, with the distance measured from the farthest point in a room to the door leading to a protected stairway or, if there is no protected stairway, to the final exit from the building.

Current fire exit regulations state that "a fire exit must be clearly marked, kept free of all obstructions and be compliant with all British standards and legislation." It is also imperative that fire doors are clearly indicated with, for example, fire door keep shut signs. See our range of fire door signs for more legends. A fire door is an essential part of maintaining fire safety standards in the workplace, as such we offer a range of fire door equipment that will aid in creating this part of your fire safety solution.

The majority of our fire exit signs feature a man running through a doorway and many are accompanied by a directional arrow pointing the way to the nearest exit – be it left, right, up or down. We also have available a range of photoluminescent fire exit signs. These are designed to glow in the dark when a light source is obscured by power failure or smoke.

Fire exit signs are an essential part of the infrastructure of any place of work or space with public access, helping to ensure that workers and members of the public on site can clearly determine how to exit the building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Many premises will be required by law to have appropriate fire exit signage in place, while other property owners may feel that it is appropriate to add this additional information for the safety of workers and visitors.

Choosing the right fire exit signage for the layout and usage at your premises is an important part of being a responsible property owner or business manager, and our comprehensive range of fire exit signs offers options to suit all situations.

Fire exit signs are used to indicate the locations of emergency exits from buildings that are to be used by those present on the premises in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Signs use both words and pictograms to convey their message, with standardised images recognisable to people from across the world to help reduce the possibility of language confusion and ensure that signs cater to those who may have trouble reading the written labelling.

For many premises fire exit signage is part of the statutory health and safety requirements, although some people choose to add this helpful signage in premises not covered by legislation to have peace of mind about the safety of those on the premises in the event of an emergency.

Ideal Placement of Fire Exit Signs

Directional or arrowed fire exit signs can be used throughout a building to indicate the route to the nearest fire exit in the event that a fire is detected or a manual alarm has been activated, while static marker signs are used at points of egress to indicate a route that may be used by people to exit the building in the event of an emergency.

External fire exit signs are used to indicate to people and drivers outside the building that external doors also serve as fire and emergency exits and can help to ensure that these remain unobstructed for improved building safety.

Being Prepared for a Fire Emergency

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of fire exit signs to help you create emergency signage within your premises that conforms to relevant regulations and offers visitors to the building a clear visual aid to exiting in the event of an emergency. We have a complete range of escape and evacuation equipment to give you an overview in creating an emergency escape solution.

Our signs are available in a range of materials, with a choice of mounting options. Choose from vinyl or rigid self adhesive versions for direct application or opt for one of our sturdy wall mountable signs available in a selection of materials.
Our range includes a full selection of arrowed fire exit signs that can be used to indicate the best route to the nearest fire exit as well as traditional fire exit signage which indicates points of egress in an emergency. Our 3D fire exit signs are visible from multiple angles making them a useful addition to any emergency signage plan.

Double-sided hanging fire exit signs are another popular choice, helping to indicate building escape route in areas such as corridors where people may approach from either side. We also have exterior fire exit and keep clear signs to help prevent exits from being blocked from the outside.

In order to be sure that your employees will be prepared in the event of a fire, we offer fire safety books and guides; these will maintain the knowledge necessary to deal with such events as they occur.


What Fire Exit Signs do I need?

The type of signage you require will depend on your premises. We would advise customers to refer to the relevant health and safety legislation when planning fire exit signage installation. Regardless of legislation requirements it is only responsible to take necessary precautions, and provide adequate information to visitors and employees alike. Consider when creating a fire exit strategy which areas of your premises would benefit from increased signage, and what information you wish convey with those signs.

What material should I choose?

The kind of sign you need will be determined by the location and usage. Consider whether you wish the signage to be flush to the wall or to stand out further. Think about light sources - dark areas may require signage that is independently visible in the event of a primary power failure.

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