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Need help? Need help? Are your Keep Clear Signs clear enough? We’ll tell you! Quality “Keep Clear” Signs for Less - UK’s Widest Range

Displaying Keep Clear Signs in a clear and visible manner is an important factor in ensuring popular thoroughfares are kept free from obstructions. They are an ideal method of enforcing rules that, if ignored, could hinder the safety of staff or customers during an emergency evacuation.

Access awareness is paramount in all areas of industry. Entrances and exits that are used in the case of an emergency to enter or exit a building are particularly important to highlight with appropriate signage. Our range of products can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are available in a range of materials and fixings to suit your needs.

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Clear and Visible

Keep it simple - Our keep clear signs help to inform the viewer of the required action with simple wording and highly visible images. Using these signs can help you to meet fire and safety regulations as well as help you to keep areas clear of clutter or storage items.

Keep your messages seen - Your signs should be placed in a position of prominence so that the instructions are understood and staff are aware of safety issues for every zone or area they enter. Our wide range of materials and fixings enable signs to be affixed to various surfaces safely and securely, such as doorways and exterior walls, with minimum effort.

More signs mean more warnings - It’s not enough to post one notice and hope it is seen by everybody. By reinforcing the message at various locations around the area you can maximise the chances that the information will be seen and adhered to. A cost-effective method of doing this would be to purchase our handy ‘Keep Clear’ Signs - 6 Pack allowing you to affix multiple instances of the sign around the area in question.

Not just for walls - An ideal way to catch the attention of employees, visitors and members of the public is to use one or more of our large ‘Keep Clear’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs which can be securely affixed to the flooring at the entrances to hazardous areas, making it obvious that the viewer should take extra precautions to follow the sign’s instruction.

Access Awareness

Like all of our access awareness signs, by marking areas with keep clear signs, you are adhering to the UK’s health and safety guidelines. As leading suppliers of facilities management solutions and distributors of signs, labels and solutions for the workplace, we help our clients ensure they are implementing the correct practice for optimum safety and to comply with the corresponding guidelines and legislation.

Multi-message signs such as our ‘Keep Clear/No Parking’ multi-message signs are an ideal way to display select messages and warnings on the same sign. It is worth noting that the appropriate messages, such as a no parking sign alongside a keep clear notification, will ensure employees and visitors to the workplace will be fully aware of the purpose and intent of the signage.

Refuge and assembly points for disabled or elderly staff and visitors are also included on our ‘Keep Clear/Refuge Point’ multi-message signs; this is beneficial as it indicates the safest areas of respite for the less able during an emergency. Our keep clear signs can also be used to highlight the purpose of the area and the reasons for the need to keep access to and from the zone clear.

Materials and Fixings

All of the Safety Signs we sell are available in a variety of durable materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An optional Durasign coating is available on all of our signs and comprises of a clear gloss overlaminate film. This provides a resistance to UV damage and vandalism, and can be added to a range of sizes, ensuring that your signs can be seen no matter what.

The Sign Fixings available on our website provide a reliable way to affix any type of sign to a variety of surfaces; there are a multitude of options in our range of products. For internal posters or notices in an office environment, Self-Adhesive Tabs will do the trick. Another option for posters and notices are Dual-Lock Fasteners; these hook and loop squares are backed with a high tack adhesive that can stick firmly to a range of materials.

For rough surfaces, Double-sided Mounting Foam Tape is a good option; this product is resistant to moisture, chemicals and the cold, and is very versatile. Permanent Adhesive is sometimes needed for fixing rigid plastic signs without the need for drilling holes as part of the affixing process; this product can be used both indoors and outdoors in the workplace and has outstanding properties as a sealant.

Keep Clear Signs are also available as custom safety signs if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our wide range of products. These items enable businesses to write instructions specific to their industry in a clear and readable format.

Placement For Keep Clear Signs

When deciding where to mount keep clear signs, it is important to first perform a risk assessment. A comprehensive risk assessment will help you to identify the potential hazards and risks in a work site, and also to discover where there might be blind spots or where potential risks could be obscured from view. After performing a risk assessment and reviewing the HSE’s guidelines on safety signs and signals in the workplace, you will know where best to place the keep clear signs.

In certain areas, it is clear where the signs should be placed, for example, near fire exits and escapes. These areas are very important for maintaining workplace safety in the event of an emergency, and Seton offers Fire Exit Keep Clear signs and Fire Escape Keep Clear signs, mats and floor signs to ensure that all employees and visitors are aware and well-informed.

Some keep clear signs, such as Keep Driveway Clear Signs, will likely be placed outdoors. It is important that these signs are regularly checked and maintained to ensure that they have not become damaged by weather conditions or aggressive flora and rendered useless.

As always with signage, it is key to ensure that employees are well-trained and aware of what every healthy and safety sign means.