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Floor Markers

Our selection of floor markers and signs can form an invaluable part of your workplace signage strategy. Whether you are looking to introduce information signs, safety signs, fire exit signs or hazard signs into the workplace, we have the solution for you.

Choosing from our range of easily fixed and hardwearing floor markers and signs can increase the efficacy of your workplace signage, and assist your company to comply with health and safety legislation.

Used in conjunction with traditional safety and information signage, floor signs can clearly communicate health and safety messages within the workplace, as well as providing navigation information within business premises.

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Floor Signage: Buying Guide

Signage is an important part of information communication within a workplace, and using a combination of traditional wall-mounted signs and floor signs can help ensure that workers, customers and guests on your premises do not miss the messages you are attempting to convey.

Our range of floor markers and signs is comprehensive, allowing you to add floor-level signage to your safety, hazard, fire and information signage for clear communication within the workplace.

We have a selection of fire exit signage that can be used at floor level to indicate the nearest exits in the event of an emergency, including a selection of directional fire exit signs that incorporate photolum glow-in-the-dark technology that ensures effective guidance to direct people out of the premises in the event of a power failure. Photoluminescent safety and guidance systems, including tapes, arrows and other floor and stair markings are particularly useful for navigation in an emergency situation.

Our floor markers and signs range also includes a number of floor-level access awareness signs, including authorised personnel, no entry and restricted area signs, which can be affixed to the floor to reinforce access arrangements to specific areas.

We offer a good selection of first aid floor markers, which can be used to help guide people to the nearest help in the event of an emergency, including first aid station signs for the floor, first aid kit and eyewash floor markers, and floor signs to direct to defibrillators and emergency showers.

We also offer floor markers that can be used to reinforce health and safety policy around safety clothing and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – for example, we offer floor signs for areas where safety shoes or hard hats are required, and floor markers that indicate if ear protection or eye protection should be worn.

The range comprises a selection of hazard signs for use at floor level, including watch your step signs for slippery and uneven surfaces and floor hazard signs that let people know when they are entering an area where a forklift is in operation.

In areas where staff and visitors need to exercise caution, we offer a selection of anti-slip floor hazard tapes, and for marking out floor usage, we have a comprehensive range of floor marking tools, including floor dots, corners, centre markers and dividers.

For areas of low light and those at risk of power failure, our floor markings, including tape, dots and arrows are all available with nite-glo, photoluminescent technology, we also offer switch markers in the same material.

Using heavy-duty adhesive, our floor markers stick to almost any surface and are designed to withstand the pressures of even high traffic areas – we do, however, supply a priming product for floors that do not meet the necessary standards for floor sign or marker application.

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