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Fire Alarm Signs

UK-Approved Fire Alarm Signs - Fast Delivery Guaranteed!

Every business and other type of organisation is expected to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and should ensure that fire safety signs are placed in prominent locations to enable staff and visitors to exit the premises safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Knowledge of how to raise a fire alarm is vital, which is why fire alarm signs should be placed near to the fire alarm call point or button. Signs are available in a large range of sizes and materials – see our guide to signs materials for more information.

If you cannot find the fire alarm sign that is right for you then we can customise to your specifications.

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Fire Alarm Call Point Signs: Buying Guide

Fire alarm signs effectively highlight the location of a fire alarm call point so that the alarm can be raised should a fire or smoke be detected. In an emergency this is a sign that can save lives – the faster the alarm is raised, the greater the chance of everybody in the building being evacuated safely.

Back up these signs with smoke detectors – these are especially useful for alerting building occupants to the presence of smoke.

Fire alarm test signs are also worth considering as they notify employees and visitors of when fire drills are planned.

Photoluminescent fire alarm signs are ideal for easily identifying a fire alarm call point in the dark or dimly lit conditions as they glow in the dark. These signs stay lit for up to six hours after being exposed to a light source that, in essence, “charges” them. They are made with an environmentally-friendly polyester film that is white in daylight but glow brightly in the dark.

Use photoluminescent tape around the fire alarm button to ensure that it can be found in the dark or smoke-filled atmosphere.

For use in corridors, we stock fire alarm point projecting 3D signs that can be clearly seen from all directions.

For sites with very little wall space to which a sign can be affixed then a hanging corridor sign is ideal. It is double-sided and is simply suspended from the ceiling with hanging wires.

Fire alarm call point construction signs effectively notify employees, sub-contractors, visitors and the public of the location of the fire alarm call point on building and construction sites. In an emergency, these signs can save lives - the faster the alarm is raised, the more chance there is of evacuating everyone safely.

In addition to fire alarm signs, fire equipment signs should be positioned near to fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, to enable a fire to be tackled; but only if it is safe to do so. The priority should first and foremost be the safe evacuation of the building.

Sign Fixings

Our sign fixings help you easily affix signs to a variety of surfaces:
Permanent adhesive can be used for outdoor signs. It is weather-proof and UV-resistant, making it ideal for use on rough and damp surfaces.

Screw fixings are perfect for securing rigid plastic signs that have drill holes.

Strong double-sided tape is cold, chemical and damp resistant and is suitable for use on rough surfaces.

Custom Fire Alarm Signs

Designing your own fire alarm sign couldn’t be quicker or easier. Signs can be customised with your text and ISO compliant fire symbol in just five simple steps.