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General Purpose Gloves

Need help? Need help? Do I need a general work glove or a specialist option? In factories, on construction sites, in healthcare environments, and in many other types of workplace, having the right gloves is essential. At Seton, we stock a broad range of general purpose gloves suitable for all sorts of different tasks.

They are not interchangeable and you may need different ones for different tasks, but you can find gloves here to suit a wide range of needs, and we make sure that they all meet the quality standards our customers have come to expect. Whether your priority is protection, grip, flexibility, sensitivity, warmth or something else, you will find a great selection of options here.

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Buying General Purpose Gloves

Choosing the right gloves very much depends on the kind of work you do, but most of the gloves in our selection are versatile and can be used for multiple kinds of task if you pay attention to any safety precautions listed in the instructions.

If you ask most people about gloves, the first thing they will think of is warmth, and this is important in some business contexts, such as working outdoors in winter or moving food in and out of cold storage. We stock gloves whose primary purpose is insulation, and others which are designed to provide protection from the cold but prioritise flexibility, making it easier to perform complex tasks.

We have a wide range of toughened gloves suitable for protecting your hands from injury whether you are working in a garden or tidying up in a laboratory. Some are designed to resist tearing, some to resist abrasion and others are particularly resistant to piercing, so make sure you consider your specific needs before making a choice. If this your prime concern you will find more in our cut resistant section.

We also have gloves that are resistant to varying kinds of household chemicals - everything from simple latex gloves for office cleaners to polyurethane-coated ones which can offer protection against skin damage when working with mildly corrosive materials over time. You will find more heavy duty gloves of this type in our chemical resistant gloves section, but these gloves are suitable for many day-to-day tasks in the workplace.

Remember to check that employees with allergies are equipped with gloves that will not directly cause injury. Some of our gloves have special linings designed to make them suitable for people in this situation. Choosing breathable gloves also reduces the risk of problems developing, and stops hands from becoming sweaty and sliding around, which makes it harder to grip things properly.

If you are doing delicate work and need gloves that offer some protection without getting in the way, we have several different designs that could work for you. We even have gloves designed to work with touch screens, so wearing them will not impair your employees’ ability to communicate.

Many of the gloves in our selection are simply designed to be tough in a range of different environments and provide proper cushioning for the hands. They are ideal for any job that involves lifting or moving heavy objects.

Before choosing, it is a good idea to think about the kind of grip your employees will need. Some are designed to help you exert a strong grip through the fingers, while others have a textured surface across the whole finger and palm area to make it easy to lift, pull or push with the whole hand. For all work gloves you can take a look at our full offering and see how the EN388 legislation can help you select your work gloves.

Check out other PPE in our range to ensure that workers are safe in any working environment.