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Colour Coded Status Markers

Creating a visual workplace is one of the most important parts of working within 5S and LEAN guidelines. This means wherever possible you should strive to provide information to staff and visitors in a format that can be assimilated quickly without the need for lengthy exposition.

Indicator markers are simple to understand and offer a clear and concise way to show instructions, actions or other useful information. Using colour coded indicator wheels to signal stock levels ensures a quick glance is all that’s required for everyone to know when an item needs replenishing. Equipment markers such as on/off and stop/start labels work in a similar way and let operators know instantly the status of a piece of machinery.

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Visual Indicators and Quick Communication

When working in a warehouse it is important to be as efficient as possible. This means quick visual notices can often be the best way to communicate. Colour coded indicator markers are easy to use, instantly understandable and can save huge amounts of time.

When items are stored in boxes, bins or crates it will usually be difficult to tell exactly how much stock you are holding without rummaging around and taking items down from racking in order to count them. Sliding indicators will allow stock levels to be marked as items are removed and can be seen easily by replenishment staff. This means a quick walkthrough of the warehouse will be all that is required to tell if goods need to be restocked or not.

Gauge indicator and equipment status markers will ensure machinery operators know at a glance how to proceed when they takeover working on a production line or other processing area. This is particularly useful for break cover or shift changes and can be extremely beneficial in protecting staff from injury.