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Pallet Trucks

Factories and warehouses require Pallet Trucks to move goods swiftly around large, complex workspaces. A skilled and hardworking workforce will be unable to fulfil its potential without the correct machinery, so make sure that you have the best Pallet Trucks for transporting and storing goods. During the shipping process, trucks can make all the difference and save you time and money. Our extensive range of Pallet Trucks cater to all different needs and requirements. There are extra-long, low-profile, fast-action and weigh scale options among many others. Browse our category and use the filter options to select the ideal pallet truck for your workplace.

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Pallet Jacks: Buying Guide

Warehouses rely on pallet jacks to move light and heavy pallets around the premises, so it’s vital that you select the very best machinery. The Fast Action Pallet Truck gets the job done quickly and easily with its three-position control level system. The narrow forks and light weight allow employees to hoist up pallets, while the 180-degree turning angle provides excellent handling around tight spaces and narrow passages. The ergonomic handle mitigates the risk of accident, and the truck is CE approved and designed with safety in mind.

The Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks are another great option if you need a top-quality scale meter and sensor for weighing pallets on the fly. This waterproof and dustproof machine is equally adept in outdoor and indoor conditions, and it can weigh within a 0.10 per cent accuracy for loads up to 2,000kg. Like many of our trucks, this product comes with a 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty.

The Low Profile Pallet Trucks and Extra Long Pallet Trucks give businesses the options that they need to handle containers efficiently. The Extra Long Truck can stack multiple pallets and has tandem nylon load rollers and nylon steer wheels for exceptional manoeuvrability in any workspace. Meanwhile, the Low Profile Pallet Truck lowers heavy-duty items such as vending machines and appliances in a safe and secure manner. The high-quality hydraulic pump makes this product a premium offering.

There are times when a braking system is safer for employees. The Braked Pallet Truck is perfect for use on slopes as a parking brake will ensure that it does not roll down and injure people during operation. It is European GS Standard manufactured and approved, so you can expect this truck to be both durable and secure.

We also have high lift trucks for hoisting up goods and products in warehouses. The High Lift Pallet Truck has a three-rod system for lifting pallets ergonomically, while the stabilising bars keep everything secure when the forks are raised. It also has a slower ramp down speed so that goods are not damaged when lowered. The Warrior High Lift Pallet Trucks also lift goods so that employees can work at a comfortable height. You could use our packaging tools such as safety cutters and blades to tear open wrapped pallets that have been raised. The truck has an electric lift and a battery and charger indication for easy operation, while the polyurethane wheels create a reduction in vibration.

Pallet jacks and trucks are the most basic form of forklift, but they are vital for the smooth operation of warehouses. All of the trucks that we offer are safe to use and can be used alongside each other for a diverse and comprehensive pallet jack system. They can also be used with our range of stackers, skip trucks and scissor lift tables to reduce the time and effort that it takes to transport goods around a busy working environment.