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Travel First Aid Kits

Need help? Need help? What first aid kit is best for travel? Lightweight UK Approved Travel First Aid Kits

Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees who are required to travel long distances and are continuously mobile are provided with first aid when they work away from the main site. Our travel first aid kits can ensure you meet legal obligations, and provide peace of mind that valuable workers will have access to products that treat injuries and other ailments following an accident. These kits have been designed specifically for mobile workers. As such, they are portable and robust, with the capacity to be restocked with ease using our vast range of first aid supplies and refills. They are also ideally suited for personal use on trips away or any situation where first aid may be needed.

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Travel First Aid Kits Explained

Ensure off-site employees have everything they need by opting for the Standard Travel First Aid Kits. This excellent all-in-one package ticks all the boxes for essential first aid with important products such as plasters, wipes, dressings, a foil blanket, safety pins, nitrile gloves, eye wash and a resuscitation device, in addition to a guidance leaflet for advice and tips. The law requires that employers provide employees away from the workplace with access to first aid on the go in the event of an accident. Therefore, purchasing a comprehensive solution is essential. This kit is available in an anti-rip soft bag, a robust economy box or an aura box with integral wall bracket.

Topping up travel first aid kits can be a hassle, but our BS Compliant Travel First Kit Refills make restocking easy. If you already own one of the three bag or box types outlined in the previous section, the travel refills are an excellent way to save money and ensure that an employee can administer first aid when off-site. The refills are British Standards 8599 compliant, so you can be sure that you are getting the best travel first aid selection available.

We also offer first aid solutions for personal use, such as the Torch First Aid Kit, which is great for camping trips and other outdoor night-time activities. This robust, small and portable package features a large main section for storing a vast range of bandages, wipes, plasters and other essential products and a solid arched handle to make it easy to transport. The kit also doubles up as a torch, which is incredibly useful after-hours and could potentially be a lifesaver in the case of a serious accident or emergency in the dark. You can restock this kit with our range of refills and you can supplement it with the other first aid products available from our catalogue.

All our travel first aid kits are designed to make the administering of first aid a simple process when away from home or work. The contents will allow any individual to treat cuts, grazes and wounds, and each kit is supplied in protective cases to aid storage, longevity and portability. These are complete solutions for anyone that needs to be able to call on comprehensive first aid in any place at any time. We also have a First Aid Guidance Leaflet available to bring you up to speed with basic first aid principles, such as how to act in an emergency and how to treat common ailments, including bone breaks and eye injuries. Furthermore, this product contains a section on administering CPR. Travel first aid is an essential practice for all businesses whatever the industry, so make sure you always have the right solution at hand.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best travel first aid kit?

In order to choose the best travel first aid kits, it is important to consider the specific needs of the travellers you will be with, and where you will be travelling to. For example, if you are travelling somewhere more remote, you may benefit from the Torch First Aid Kit, which consists of a stocked first aid case with a built-in torch. For specifically forestry-related needs in which haemorrhaging is a possibility, the Forestry First Aid Kit is an ideal option.

Alternatively, Seton’s First Response Rucksack complies with British Standards and includes a comprehensive list of first aid products for outdoor environments.

For medical professionals who are travelling overseas, Seton has a tailor-made solution with the Professional Overseas Medical Kit. This comprehensive yet compact first aid kit contains all of the medical devices that are essential for invasive procedures in order to allow medical professionals to respond to emergencies immediately. The professional overseas travel first aid kit allows professionals to act immediately, without having to worry about the cleanliness of any other medical equipment that might be on hand.

What are the best travel first aid kits for travelling with children?

If you are looking for a travel first aid kit for toddlers or an infant travel first aid kit, Seton has a number of options. The standard kits contains all the essentials, but you may also want to consider the School Trip First Aid Kit, which can be easily carried as a rucksack. If you are looking for a first aid kit for babies you might want to consider a digital thermometer as well to check for fever.

What to include in a travel first aid kit?

A travel first aid kit list of contents typically includes:

  • Plasters, bandages, burn relief dressing and wound dressings

  • Safety pins and shears

  • Gloves and a foil blanket

  • Cleansing wipes, medical tapes and a resuscitation face shield

  • A guidance leaflet with emergency response information

Regardless of whether your travel first aid kit is for personal or professional use, it is important to maintain an up to date list of all the materials that have been used and a note of when the materials in the pack are due to expire. Once materials have been used, it is important to replace them immediately, so that the travel first aid kit will be ready for the next emergency. Seton stocks a range of first aid kit refills.

When considering what to pack, depending on your travel and health and safety needs, you can choose between the larger, more comprehensive travel first aid kits or the smaller kits on offer at Seton.