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AED Signs

Need help? Need help? View our wide range of AED signs If you have a defibrillator on-site in your workplace or are planning to obtain one you should consider purchasing an AED sign. We have a range of AED signs, alongside other defibrillator accessories, which will help staff and workers identify where your AED is located in an emergency. These signs offer a clear, visible way to indicate the location of defibrillators and can easily be fixed to a wall. Health and safety is a matter of utmost importance in the workplace and if you choose to have a defibrillator on-site, having an AED sign to indicate its presence makes sense.

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Defibrillator Sign Solutions

We have a variety of AED signs available in a wide range of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and workplace perfectly. For something simple but clear, consider the AED Automated External Defibrillator Signs, which conform to all current legislation and come in the immediately recognisable colour of green, which indicates first aid help. These are for universal application so can be applied to pretty much anything, making the sign eminently versatile. They are durable and available in plastic or vinyl.

If your workplace is large, you might also need signposts to indicate where the defibrillator is located, rather than just using a sign for the AED in one location. If this is the case, then the First Aid Anti-Slip Floor Sign - Defibrillator This Way might be a good idea, or alternatively consider the AED Available Inside Window Signs. The latter can be fixed in windows or in the glass of doors for clear, accurate signage and it comes in a choice of two sizes. In fact, we have a number of door and corridor signs available, so no matter where the defibrillator is placed inside the workplace, workers and visitors can be made aware of where to find it.

One of the most practical qualities of a defibrillator in a large workplace is that it can, for the most part, be used by just about anyone and requires no training or even prior knowledge. However, it is a good idea to provide users with as much information as possible, which is where our information signs and kits come in. The AED Awareness Sign and Poster Kits not only contain your choice of corridor sign, hanging, 3D, or glow in the dark sign, but they also include A2 informational posters that provide users with the knowledge necessary to safely and quickly use the defibrillator.

Similarly, Defibrillator Information Points have a 3D header with the easily recognisable first aid cross against a green background to ensure it cannot be missed, as well as a choice of either guidance for trained users or guidance for untrained users. In both cases, the information provided is clear, concise and easy to follow and can either help remind a first aider of how best to use a defibrillator or inform a completely untrained user on how to safely use the AED.

Defibrillators are a wise investment for any workplace, as cardiac arrest can affect anyone. In order to keep workers safe, investing in this type of device is a great idea and once you do so, an AED sign should be the next thing you purchase and fit.

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