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Electrical Lockout Kits

Need help? Need help? Discover the benefits of electrical lockout kits The dangers of electrical hazards are well known, with potential injuries ranging from the merely painful to fatal, and they can also be serious fire hazards. Electrical lockout kits provide you with the equipment needed to secure electrical machinery, ensuring that all unauthorised personnel are kept away until the fault has been corrected.

Prevention of accidents is an essential part of workplace management and is necessary to ensure that you don’t breach health and safety laws. Our electrical lockout kits available will enable you to prevent dangerous electrical accidents and help to save lives.

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Electrical Lockout Equipment: Buying Guide

Every business uses electricity, and it is so much a part of our daily lives that it can be easy to forget the potential danger. However, electrical faults can be very dangerous with the risk of serious injuries and fires. If your company uses chemicals or gases, the risks of electrical faults are even greater. Electrical lockout kits contain the equipment that is needed to secure faulty electrical equipment or fuse boxes so that staff can be kept away from the hazard until it is repaired.

Our range of electrical kits encompasses a comprehensive range of options. These include kits that are suitable for one operator, which are likely to be more suitable for a smaller business environment. A larger workplace would most likely find it a better investment to obtain a larger electrical lockout kit that is suitable for a whole team to use.

The electrical lockout kits include a variety of equipment, depending on which kit you purchase. They are supplied with items such as circuit breakers, lockout cleats, hasps made from a non-conductive material, padlocks and tags. The kits include a suitable container to store all the equipment, such as a pouch or a tough plastic box.

A Full Range of Lockout Kit Options

As well as the full kits, there is the option of purchasing devices such as circuit breaker lockouts or valve kits These are ideal to supplement the larger more general kits such as the universal lockout kit, or can be used to replace items as needed.
Using these electrical lockout kits will reduce the risk of accidental injury by keeping unauthorised personnel away from the electrical hazard. However, take a look at our range of electrical safety equipment to maintain the highest electrical safety standards throughout your premises.

To accompany these kits you will want to consider other non-conductive safety paraphernalia that will aid in the isolation and de-energisation of electrical machinery. We supply a range of PPE electrical safety gloves including specialised electricians gloves; this simple piece of safety equipment will eliminate instances of electrical shock from dealing with circuit breakers and other electrical equipment.

You don’t want to find out about an electrical fault for the first time when someone suffers an injury, so don’t forget to carry out regular checks on electrical equipment. Our comprehensive range of Scafftag kits allows you to make sure that regular inspections are carried out and the details are recorded. If any faults are found, then it is an easy matter to secure it using the electrical lockout kits, and the necessary repairs can be made without anyone suffering an injury.

Taking care of health and safety at work is a sign of a well-managed business and will enhance productivity. With our extensive range, including the electrical lockout kits, managing your health and safety strategy can be straightforward and effective.