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Anti Slip Paints

Need help? Need help? Are your employees at risk of an accident? One of the most common causes of injury is the risk of slips, trips and falls in a workplace environment. Employers have a responsibility to minimise hazard risks in the workplace in order to comply with health and safety legislation. This can be achieved with the installation of non-slip flooring products and should be used in areas where workers, clients and visitors might be at risk from slippery floor surfaces.

Our range of Anti Slip Paints, Tapes & Coatings includes solutions for both interior and exterior use, allowing you to address slip hazards in all parts of your premises.

Health & safety issues can arise from a multitude of situations and events, and slip hazards are no different. It is important for you to utilise the right anti-slip tools for the right application, and for the hazards that are present in your workplace.

For more information, read our buying guide.

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Anti-Slip Paints, Tapes & Coating : Buying Guide

Why Anti-Slip products are important

Recognising areas where slips & trips could be a hazard is an important part of creating a safe environment for workers, and visitors to your premises. Improving safety in the workplace through non-slip flooring products can lead to a greatly reduced number of risks and accidents, while also improving workplace efficiency.

What can anti-slip paint & tapes be used for?

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with a minimal slip risk in large floor areas or simply looking to improve traction in high-risk areas already identified, our wide range of anti-slip products will have a product that suits your needs. Our range is suitable to improve safety for children in schools, it can be used to warn members of staff and visitors of particular areas that could be hazardous, or can be used for those areas in your business that are high traffic and have a high slip risk.

For fully integrated anti-slip flooring, we offer a wide range of products that can be incorporated into initial office design, including an anti-slip floor coating, anti-slip sheet flooring and anti-slip paint.

Minimise Slip Risks in problematic areas

For areas that present a slip risk that is identified after the initial design period, we offer a range of add-on solutions that could minimise slip risk in specific areas. This includes a wide range of anti-slip tapes that can be easily applied to problem areas to address slip hazards. Choose from a range of plain anti-slip tapes, or opt for a more noticeable anti-slip safety floor tape. Our range also includes anti-slip floor discs and pre-cut, anti-slip tape for more specific applications. For exterior use or floors that have a drainage problem, including those that are likely to remain slippery for longer periods of time, we offer the choice of slip-resistant grating, which can be used over problem floor surfaces to provide extra traction and thus enhance safety within your workplace.

What is the most dangerous area for slips?

One common problem area that may need additional anti-slip measures in order to ensure that all health and safety considerations have been met, is the staircase. Every year there are a vast amount of accidents on staircases, but these can be greatly reduced with the addition of anti-slip products. Our non-slip matting range includes a wide range of anti-slip solutions for steps and stairs. Photoluminescent signs and markings can be a particularly effective safety system especially in the event of loss of lighting or an emergency situation.

Why use Anti Slip Paints & Tapes?

Anti-slip tapes, as well as anti-slip paints, are resistant to most chemicals, oils, fuels and detergents, making this a fantastic solution for internal warehousing environments, or other areas that carry a lot of risks. If you have an exterior environment where slips and trips are a risk, these are beneficial and perfect for schools, play areas and hospitals, while also being perfectly suited for aisle marking or alerting staff of areas to take care in.

Non-slip tapes, paints and coatings can be used to present a pertinent health and safety message at the same time as improving grip on steps. With slips accounting for almost 33% of all accidents in the workplace, it is important that you take this into account and assess your working environment thoroughly to ensure appropriate safety.

For environments that are not well illuminated, we offer luminous anti-slip solutions for additional visibility in hazardous staircase areas. This could include fire exits and emergency routes, or it can also be used on agricultural equipment, or throughout your warehouse. The applications for luminous anti-slip tapes are many and they can help enhance safety throughout your site.

Which anti-slip product should I use for my environment?

Our range of Anti-Slip Tape, Paint & Coatings can be used in conjunction with our selection of anti-slip stair nosing, which can provide additional grip on both the horizontal and vertical contact surfaces to help minimise the risk of slips and falls where they may be more serious. Ensuring that you take into account the surface you are applying anti-slip products to, and the environment that it will be present in is paramount to providing optimal safety for your employees and visitors alike.

Anti-slip products for all applications

Our range of Anti-Slip Tape, Paint & Coatings can be used for almost all applications, with specific products designed for various environments. Should you require resistance to certain substances and chemicals, we have tapes and paints that can be used.

Chemical Resistant - Chemical resistance is required in many environments within the industry to reduce the number of accidents that could occur. Providing your staff with a safe workplace that utilises chemical resistant anti-slip tape or painted surfaces is a great way to remove one of the risks that come with hazardous chemical usage.

Oil Resistant - Environments that are prone to oil spills are at a much higher risk of accidents due to the nature of substances they are dealing with. With oil being such a risk factor, it is important that adequate safety measures are taken. This can be done by installing oil resistant tapes in hazardous areas where staff may be at risk of slipping.

Solvent & Detergent Resistant - In environments where solvents can pose a risk, it is important that the adequate markings are in place for staff safety. Solvents can be a big risk to employees, and as such should be addressed. You can do this by using our range of solvent resistant tapes & paints.

At Seton, we also stock a wide range of Spill Control items to help you control spillages and prevent further accidents. This includes spill kits, absorbent materials and drum & barrel storage.