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Fire Door Alarms

Need help? Need help? Which type of fire door alarm do you need? Easy To Install Fire Door Alarms - Complete Range

Few events have the potential to be as catastrophically devastating as fires. Creating havoc and ripping through even large buildings faster than may seem possible, fires can turn an ordinary day into a tragedy when there are no fire protection strategies in place to keep people safe.

Safe evacuation is the cornerstone of any emergency safeguarding strategy, and the provision of adequate emergency routes and exits is a legal requirement as detailed in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire exit doors must remain securely fastened, but should be fitted with emergency exit buttons, panic bars or push pads for fast and easy egress in an emergency.

Fire exits should not be used in non-emergency situations. Fire door alarms are a simple and inexpensive way to deter unauthorised entries or exits.

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High Quality Fire Door Alarms To Secure Your Emergency Exits

One of the most frightening elements of serious fires is just how quickly and silently they can begin. One of the most tragic is how many of them are entirely preventable and the realisation that both personal injury and physical damage could have been minimised through the installation of fire protection tools.

The importance of fire doors and fire door accessories

The provision of emergency exits and clearly marked escape routes are integral to any fire prevention strategy.

  • Secure fire doors compartmentalise different areas of a building and can retain or slow the spread of fire while employees and visitors safely evacuate.

  • Fire doors should ideally remain closed at all times. A fire door closer – or overhead door closer –ensures that a door closes automatically after being opened.

  • In cases where it is not practical to keep fire doors closed, they should be fitted with a fire door holder. These devices release the door for closing when triggered by a fire alarm.

  • An emergency exit alarm is activated when a fire door is used and helps to reduce the risk of fire doors being left open by deterring unauthorised traffic.

  • It is essential that external fire doors seal exits at all times to prevent oxygen fuelling a blaze. In the event of an emergency, external fire doors can be released via an emergency exit button, panic bar or push pad.

The role of fire exit door alarms in keeping your premises secure

Fire exit door alarms provide an additional layer of security by signalling unauthorised entry to a building via an external fire door. Volume settings can be up to 95dB at a 1m distance, accompanied by a flashing beacon light.

An emergency exit alarm is an inexpensive measure to prevent potential theft from being carried out using a relatively secluded exit. Fire door alarms are an easy, effective and affordable solution for almost any workplace environment.

Top fire security solutions

Not every fire protection option is the right one for your business, but we take our time to supply high-quality options and only sell products that we know are effective. Here are five of our reliable solutions for your consideration:

  • A simple door exit stopper or door exit alarm is both an effective and straightforward option to prevent unauthorised use of emergency exits by sounding an alarm, with a visual flashing beacon. These are available for both double and single doors and automatically reset when the door is closed.

  • Wireless and battery-operated fire exit door alarms are a versatile choice for emergency exit doors in any area of the building.

  • Handle alarms for secure fire doors are easily installed and durable enough to stand up to wear and tear.

  • Door alarm kits include signage to provide visual reinforcement to deter unauthorised access through fire doors.

For more information, read our comprehensive guide to workplace fire safety.