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Respirator Accessories

In the workplace, there can be many dangers to the human respiratory system, and it is scary to think that you might not be aware of some of them. Dust, fumes and mists can all have an impact on breathing, and when it only takes a few simple items of PPE to protect against them, there is no reason why the staff should not be fully protected. There are various masks and filters available, but you need to be aware of the types of danger so that you buy the correct type of mask and filter to afford full protection.

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Our Range of Respirator Accessories

Tasks around the workplace that could be a problem for your members of staff possibly include testing, cleaning and maintaining equipment and repairing items. All of these bring staff into contact with dust and other airborne particles that can be damaging. However, there is a piece of PPE that will help to deal with all of these so that workers can complete the task safely and continue to breathe normally. Remember that in addition to masks and filters there are other accessories you can use to protect respiratory health.

Consider, for example, the range of accessories available for the Moldex 7000/9000 respirators. These include exhalation and inhalation valves designed to keep breathing resistance low and ensure that the filters are working to maximum capacity. The streamlined design of the full and half masks ensure that the valves can be quickly changed and downtime is kept to a minimum.

The Honeywell Junior B Heavy Duty Air Hood is another option for those employees working with chemicals. It is a lightweight solution that provides protection to the head, chest, neck and shoulders against all kinds of contaminants in the air. This PAPR air hood has a spring-loaded clamp mechanism that enables any disposable visors to be removed while working so that there is no impairment of the user’s vision. The hood is washable and features an elasticated security cord that offers a comfortable fit when using the hood for long periods of time. Adjustable airflow means that the user can have the most comfortable settings for them. The air hoods work by filtering air through the front of the hood, with the added protection of an overpressure around the face. A wide field of vision is created by the large visor, and it can be used in many different working environments.

The accessories for the 3M Fit Test Kit are essential. All respiratory protection equipment has to be tested on a regular basis, and these kits are vital to help you to comply with all the latest health and safety legislation. There are test solutions in both sweet and bitter, and the kits are easy to use. Any worker can teach themselves to use the kit, so every member of staff can be included in the maintenance of breathing equipment.

The kits can be used with filters in categories FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 for dust mask and half mask respirators. The small outlay for this type of testing kit is nothing when you consider the damage that contaminants can do to the respiratory system. Protect yourself and your staff with equipment that is easy to use.