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Scafftag Accessories

Many companies use the Scafftag system to provide a comprehensive data trail documenting the maintenance and inspections of potentially hazardous equipment. Scafftag accessories make the process even smoother.

A selection of accessories have been created to complement your Scafftag kits. Useful items such as pen holders make it easier to mark inspection results while training guides and posters ensure everyone is aware of best practices. By taking full advantage of the entire Scafftag range you can streamline safety processes and create a safer workplace for all. For more information on Scafftag accessories, read our helpful buying guide.

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Visual Tagging Accessories Buying Guide

Machinery, appliances and access equipment can all pose hazards around your workplace. This means they need to have regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the risk of accidents or injury is minimised. The Scafftag system is a simple, but effective way of ensuring assessments are carried out and information is passed on in an easy-to-understand format. Scafftag accessories make safety checks even easier, allowing those who carry out inspections to have everything they need to carry out their task efficiently.

Alongside inspection data, it is often necessary to display permits or other documentation. This can be a legal requirement or just best practice so everyone knows work can be carried out safely. Scafftag permit holders are suitable for use in or out of doors and are weather resistant to ensure paperwork can be read in any conditions. They can be securely attached to scaffolding or other equipment using cable ties to prevent loss of documents.

The range of Scafftag accessories includes a number of posters providing clear, visual reminders of how to complete safety checks for a number of hazards, including ladders and scaffolding. These are ideal for workers who are new to the task, as well as being a useful reminder for more experienced staff. The posters are durable, allowing them to be displayed in environments that are open to the elements. Permanent fixings such as adhesive strips can be used to prevent posters from being removed whereas magnetic holders are ideal for movable equipment such as access towers. Pocket versions of these inspection posters are also available so staff can always have this information on hand. They are especially useful for newer workers who might need more regular reminders of safety procedures.

Identification is one of the cornerstones of the Scafftag system whether it be locations, responsible personnel or the equipment itself. Another important element is identification of your workforce. Worker ID tags can make a real difference should an accident or emergency medical situation occur. A simple identification tag that includes vital information about the worker can be attached to a hard hat or other item of clothing. This is especially useful in locations where agency staff or contractors are present.

The Scafftag system relies not just on checks being carried out but also on them being recorded. You can make sure employees always have a pen ready to record information with a pen holder that clips onto the side of your Scafftag holders.

By using Scafftag accessories, it is easy to manage an efficient Scafftag system.