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Hand Soaps and Soap Dispensers

Need help? Need help? What hygiene products are available? Hygiene products, such as Hand Cleaners, Soaps and Sanitisers are a basic requirement and should be offered in all workplaces - ideally placed by sinks throughout the premises, especially in toilets and kitchens. By providing a choice of hand-sanitising products and soaps you can ensure that everyone has access to the hand-cleaning product they prefer.

During health and safety audits, it will be noted if there are no cleansing products available for all staff members to use. To help you avoid this, our range of dispensers are not only easy to refill, but they can contain a high volume of soap or sanitiser.

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A Cleaner Choice

Our range of DEB Hand Soaps are available in a wide variety of options, including pleasantly fragranced products such as our DEB Lime Hand Cleanser and our DEB Pure Orange Soap. Both are supplied in cartridges to fit the dispensers we have available. These offer an advantage over smaller bottles of hand soap, lasting longer in busy workplaces with lots of staff or visitors. These soaps are available free of solvents but they are strong cleansers designed to shift stubborn marks such as oil.

For less industrial requirements you may wish to consider our Luxury Hand Wash. These high quality soaps will be a welcome addition of any customer facing facilities you provide and are supplied in handy 500ml bottles to prevent a cluttered wash area. With a choice of elegant fragrances these are bound to add a touch of comfort to your restrooms.

Dispensing With The Pleasantries

Our large range of soap and sanitiser dispensers can be easily fastened to your restroom walls and the larger quantities they hold make them ideal for commercial use. Those in the DEB Dispenser range are designed for use with the wide variety of DEB Soap Cartridges and are designed to deliver a measured amount of soap with each press of the button. This can help to save money in the long term, as well as being far less messy to use than the standard bottle dispensers.

Other dispensers in our range can be filled with our great value liquid soaps such as our Green Liquid Soap allowing you to top up the supply as needed with ease. Children’s restrooms are also well catered for with our brightly coloured Children's Soap Dispenser, designed to catch the eye and with clearly display the instruction to ‘wash your hands’. Ideal for use in schools and nurseries, these are great for encouraging children to maintain the basics of hygiene.

Your hygiene provision does not have to stop at simple hand soaps. For a full hand hygiene system you might want to consider our DEB Skin Safety Centre. This is a set of four dispensers with high quality products designed to protect, cleanse and restore the skin. These are most suitable for use in industrial workplaces, where staff get their hands dirty on a regular basis.

Additional Products

Supplying Hand Cleaners, Soaps and Sanitisers to your workers and visitors is one thing, but ensuring they are used and that your hygiene levels are kept high is another challenge. Thankfully our range of Cleaning and Washroom Signs can help to keep people aware of the hygiene requirements with both gentle reminders or mandatory instructions.

You should also aim to encourage staff to protect their skin. If you have a workplace where some staff members work outdoors for at least part of the time during the summer months, then it is a good idea to provide a DEB Sunscreen Dispenser and Sunscreen Cartridges.

The damage that the sun can do should not be underestimated, it only takes a few minutes exposure to strong sunlight and an individual with fair skin will begin to burn. By installing a dispenser in the restroom alongside other hygiene products, people are encouraged to take a little sunscreen to protect their skin from unnecessary damage.