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Hand Soaps and Soap Dispensers

Need help? Need help? What hand soap and dispenser options are available? Trusted hand wash solutions for a healthy workforce

Hygiene products, such as hand cleansers and soaps are a basic requirement and should be offered in all workplaces – ideally placed by sinks throughout the premises, especially in toilets and kitchens. By providing a choice of hand washing products and soaps, you can ensure that everyone has access to the hand-cleaning product they prefer.

The importance of hand washing is more important now than ever before. During health and safety audits, it will be noted if there are no cleansing products available for all staff members to use. To help you avoid this, our range of soap dispensers are not only easy to refill, but they can contain a high volume of soap.

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Hand Soap and Soap Dispenser Buying Guide

The HSE stipulates that all employees have a right to workplace facilities, including proper toilet and washing facilities. It provides a number of helpful guidelines and explains exactly what these requirements mean in the guide on health and safety for employees. All employers must provide employees with clean, well-ventilated bathrooms with access to soap or washing agents and running water.

As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, regulations and governmental advice regarding hand washing and hygiene is more important than ever before. Section 7 of the HSE’s Working safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak provides guidance on cleaning, personal hygiene and hand sanitising products in the workplace. As COVID-19 can spread through contact, the HSE recommends that employers use signs and posters to encourage workers to wash their hands and to sneeze and cough into their elbows.

If running water is not available in your workplace or off site location, you may want to have a look at our range of hand sanitising products

A cleaner choice

Our soaps are available in a wide variety of options, including pleasantly fragranced products such as our DEB Pure Orange Soap, which is supplied in cartridges to fit the dispensers we have available. These offer an advantage over smaller bottles of hand soap, lasting longer in busy workplaces with numerous members of staff or visitors. These solvent-free soaps are strong cleansers and are designed to shift stubborn marks such as oil.

For less industrial requirements, you may wish to consider our Luxury Hand Wash. This high-quality soap will be a welcome addition for any customer facing facilities you provide and is supplied in a handy 500ml bottle to prevent a cluttered wash area. With a choice of elegant fragrances, this is bound to add a touch of comfort to your restrooms.

Dispensing with the pleasantries

Our large range of soap dispensers can be easily fastened to your restroom walls. The larger quantities they hold make them ideal for commercial use. Those in the DEB Dispenser range are designed for use with the wide variety of DEB Soap Cartridges and are designed to deliver a measured amount of soap with each press of the button. This can help you save money in the long term, as well as being far less messy to use than standard bottle dispensers.

Other dispensers in our range can be filled with our great value liquid soaps allowing you to top up the supply as needed with ease. Children’s restrooms are also well catered for with our brightly coloured Children's Soap Dispenser. These dispensers are designed to catch the eye with a clearly displayed instruction to ‘wash your hands’. Ideal for use in schools and nurseries, they are great for encouraging children to maintain the basics of hygiene.

Soap dispenser refills

When a work site is practising good hygiene, liquid and foam soap runs out quickly. This is why Seton offers a full list of refills for every hand soap dispenser. Refill cartridges such as the Deb Cutan Foaming Soap and OxyBAC Foam Wash are very convenient. They can be easily installed into dispensers to replace empty cartridges. For foaming soaps, Seton also offers refills of the Tork mild foam soap, Deb Refresh Rose Foam Handwash and Deb Cutan Foaming Soap, among others.

For large buildings the Kimberley-Clark Aqua Hand Soap refills and Lotionbac Antibacterial Hand Wash are convenient as they come in large packs, so you will need to restock less frequently.

Luxury hand soap

Certain workplaces, such as restaurants, offices and lounges, may want to upgrade their liquid hand soap and opt for standalone bottles of hand soap. Seton’s apple-scented Luxury Hand Soap is ideal for customer and visitor toilets and contains emulsifying power to fight grease and grime while also killing everyday germs.

Dispensers for children

Seton’s range of soap dispensers specifically for children help to brighten up washrooms for kids and also help children learn good hygiene habits. Seton has a DEB Children’s Dispenser, along with a superhero-theme Soapergirl dispenser for girls and a Soaperman dispenser for boys. When placing these dispensers, it is important to remember to install them at a height that children will be able to reach.

Additional hand washing products

Supplying hand cleaners, soaps and sanitisers to your workers and visitors is one thing, but ensuring they are used and that your hygiene levels are kept high is another challenge. Thankfully, our range of Cleaning and Washroom Signs can help to remind people of hygiene requirements, with either gentle reminders or mandatory instructions.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of soap dispenser do I need?

Depending on the workplace, you may want a single, luxury hand wash dispenser, a hands-free automatic foaming hand soap dispenser, or a convenient set of dispensers like the Deb Portable Skin Cleanser Starter Pack.

Where should soap dispensers be placed?

Soap dispensers should ideally be placed in washrooms, near sinks with running water for easy access. Seton offers a full range of dispensers such as the Deb InstantFOAM wall-mounted soap dispenser and the Deb TouchFREE automatic soap dispenser. These dispensers can be easily installed onto clean, hard surfaces such as mirrors, tiles or walls.

How can employees be encouraged to use the correct hand washing technique?

Our range of posters and signs can provide a reminder to your workforce of the correct hand wash procedure. We offer a variety of different options and one of our most popular solutions currently is our COVID-19 correct hand washing technique poster.