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Key Boxes

Keys left lying around are in danger of going missing, resulting in time and expense needed to replace them. A key box is a useful piece of equipment for storing keys so that they can be easily found when required, but kept safe when not in use.

Managing security is an essential part of running a business, but storage is a factor that is easy to overlook. In fact, the storage of keys is vital to the smooth, efficient running of a security system. At Seton, we have a range of lock and key security equipment, including key boxes, to help keep your premises secure.

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Key Storage: Buying Guide

Effective security systems are essential to prevent acts of theft and wilful damage, and storage systems are of vital importance in maintaining the smooth running of security on site. Unauthorised access to keys can result in the inconvenience of them going missing or falling into the wrong hands. Storing keys in a key box or key and padlock cabinet can help ensure that only authorised personnel can access the keys or restrict their general usage to an emergency.

We understand that when you invest in security products, you want equipment that will prove reliable and long-lasting. The key boxes we supply are made from tough aluminium or steel, so they are able to withstand the general wear and tear expected and provide storage for your keys for a considerable time to come.

A variety of methods to access securely stored keys

We supply several key box options, including a push button or combination lock. This is ideal for premises where it is necessary to leave a key in a secure place for occasional use. It can also be useful in a domestic setting, allowing cleaners, gardeners and carers to access the property when no one else is present.

There may also be occasions where access needs to be restricted except in an emergency. Our Emergency Key Box is designed to restrict casual use, but in an emergency, the glass can be broken with the attached hammer, giving access to the key. It is not necessary to replace the entire box after smashing the glass or in the event of the hammer being damaged. Replacements for both of these can be purchased separately.

Installation of our key boxes is a straightforward, easy process. With the fittings supplied, simply attach them to a suitable wall, and you are ready to store your keys.

An important part of security in the workplace

Management of security equipment has implications for your workplace health and safety processes. Keeping up to date with the different UK and EU rules in this area can feel like a daunting task. However, with the vast range of safety and security products available on our website, this is made easier. We make sure that our products fully comply with all relevant legislation and we are happy to offer any advice that you require. As a leading retailer of safety and security equipment, you can shop with us with complete peace of mind.

When keys are properly stored and managed, your whole security process becomes a little easier. Help make security a top priority by investing in high-quality key boxes from Seton, it is an important step that you can take to make your premises secure.