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Electrical Signs

Health and safety is an issue that can’t be ignored in any workplace and having the right signage on display can go some way towards reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring. Among the wide selection of products we have on offer are electrical signs, which are a great way to highlight electrical danger areas to protect staff, visitors and contractors on site.

Ensure that your electric shock warning signs stay put by using appropriate fixings for those signs that do not have a self-adhesive backing.

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Electrical Warning Signs: Buying Guide

Electrical accidents can be a lot more serious than just a minor shock – fires, serious injuries and even fatalities are all possible consequences. Display our electrical signs at appropriate locations to provide a warning to everyone of the potential dangers and to protect them from the risks of electrical accidents.

At Seton, we have a large selection of electrical signs in our safety signs range. Because we are aware of the many different locations where electrical hazards can be found, we provide a number of options. We have signs in different materials, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as tough industrial environments.

What’s more, our signs are designed to be durable so that they can continue to clearly display the appropriate warnings for a considerable time.

All of our electrical signs feature the well-known hazard triangle and the easily recognisable lightning symbol. Some also feature a collapsing person to indicate that the risks are so high that there is a danger of death.

Our range also includes signs with more precise information about the nature of the risk – for example, the number of volts. The nature of the hazard can also be more fully described, with wording such as “live wires” or “battery charging” also featuring on the sign. Some of the signs can also provide other information of appropriate behaviour in, for example, battery charging areas where people are advised to not smoke and to wear protective clothing.

Signs also feature either the wording caution, warning or danger. Caution indicates that if the hazardous situation is not avoided, minor or moderate injury could occur. Warning means that death or serious injury could happen and Danger means that serious injury or even death will occur. The use of Danger signs should be limited to the most extreme situations.

At Seton we also offer other warning signs for other areas that could potentially be hazardous to a worker or visitor.

Custom Electrical Hazard Signs

With so many possibilities of electrical hazards, it would be impossible to design a range to cover every eventuality. While our range is extensive, there may be some further information that you need to convey; which is why we can custom-make a hazard sign for you. It is quick and easy for you to do online using our Creator tool.

Protecting everyone on the premises from electrical hazards is a legal requirement of any business and electrical signs are a cost-effective way to make everyone aware of the potential danger.

Ensuring that all UK and EU laws on this matter are correctly followed can be confusing, but at Seton we make sure that all of our signs and safety equipment fully comply with current legislation. You can shop for your electrical signs with confidence at Seton.

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