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Heat & Flame Resistant Clothing

Workplaces where employees are expected to work in areas of extreme heat or with fire can be uncomfortable and hazardous, but the risk of overheating and burns can be greatly reduced by providing everyone who enters or works in the hazardous area with heat and flame resistant clothing.

Managing the risks involved in your working environment is necessary to protect your workers and to stay on the right side of the law with regard to health and safety regulations. Look at our guide to see how the vast range of personal protective equipment, including heat and flame resistant clothing available at Seton, will help you achieve this.

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FR Clothing Buying Guide

High temperatures and flames are a risk found in many workplaces. Engineering and welding firms may all require their workers to operate in areas of heat and flames, and anyone required to undertake these tasks will need to be provided with heat and flame resistant clothing to prevent injuries that may include scorching and burns. These items of clothing also have a use in areas at risk of fire, such as workplaces with flammable materials, chemicals and gases.

The items in the heat and flame resistant clothing range at Seton include a variety of options, which you can select based on the level of risk and suitability for your workplace. They come in a variety of materials but all materials have been chosen for their fire retardant properties. The range includes coveralls for complete body protection, overalls and polo shirts. Items can be worn together to create the level of protection needed in your workplace.

Many of the items in the range of heat and flame resistant clothing range are practical as well as protective. Some have convenient pockets for ease of carrying tools and other objects required for the task. Many also feature a pictogram or embroidery, clearly labelling the flame retardant properties, so the correct personnel use these items of clothing.

The heat and flame resistant clothing is all comfortable to wear, allowing for ease of movement. It is machine washable, and the flame retardant properties will not diminish after repeated washing but will continue to provide protection. All the clothing in this range is hard-wearing, to reduce the risk of tears lessening the protection.

In the event of a fire, the heat and flame resistant clothing will do a great deal to protect the wearer until the fire is under control or they have evacuated the building. Use fire alarms and detectors to alert everyone to the existence of a fire, and make sure everyone knows the evacuation procedure. We stock a range of fire action signs to clearly explain your safety procedure to all staff and visitors. To enable small fires to be brought quickly under control, your workplace should have fire extinguishers and it is particularly necessary to have these in areas at high risk of a fire.

Fulfilling all your obligations under the health and safety at work regulations can feel like a daunting task, particularly in workplaces of high risk, but with the help of the range of safety products available at Seton, the task becomes much more manageable. You can shop with confidence, knowing all our products comply with all relevant health and safety laws. Working in areas of extreme heat and at risk of fire will always be a hazardous occupation, but the effective use of heat and flame resistant clothing will help prevent injuries and even save lives.