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Business owners and managers have a responsibility to keep visitors and clients informed about certain facts while on the premises. It is necessary to clearly display information about your premises to comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation, and posters and signage form an essential part of your communication strategy. Selecting the fixings to ensure the continued display of essential and useful information can ensure that important information remains fully visible at your premises to all visitors, employees and guests.

Our range of poster fixings complements our range of sign fixings, allowing you to design an information communication plan for your premises. See our buying guide below for more information.

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Poster Mounting: Buying Guide

Posters and information panels are an important part of how you communicate with employees, clients and visitors to your premises, ensuring that vital information is available even when there is no one on hand to offer advice.

Affixing posters and information sheets in workspaces and public access areas can ensure that everyone is aware of health and safety requirements, as well as being a useful way of communicating other pertinent information for those using a space.

Choosing the right fixings for workplace posters and signs in public areas is an important part of designing your information communication plan, as it is important that these tools remain visible at all times. Using substandard fixings could lead to posters and signs falling or curling, meaning that staff, customers and visitors may miss vital information that should be on display.

Our range of adhesive fixings has been designed to offer poster-fixing solutions for all surfaces and environments, helping employers and building managers to ensure that information is correctly displayed at all times.

Our selection of self-adhesive wall fixings for posters is designed to securely affix display pieces to a range of surfaces, including walls, doors and windows, to maintain the visibility of information at all times.

Choose double-sided, self-adhesive mounting foam tape, which can be cut to size in order to create custom wall fixings for posters. This flexible poster fixing material comes in a selection of sizes, allowing you to choose the right fixing for your poster size, and is designed to remain effective in temperatures from -18˚C to 66˚C, so you can mount posters with confidence in a range of spaces, including kitchens and walk-in refrigeration areas. Our foam fixing mounts posters away from the fixing surface, creating a space and allowing airflow between poster and wall to minimise potential damage from condensation, at the same time as making information more noticeable to members of staff and the public.

For simple poster mounting, we offer double-sided, self-adhesive tabs that are used to affix information to walls, doors and windows, with a simple peel and stick procedure.

We also offer dual-lock fasteners that use self-adhesive tabs with hook and loop technology, perfect for spaces where posters may need to be changed or rotated according to the demands of the moment. This poster mounting solution uses self-adhesive tabs for mounting to surface and poster, which is then joined using the hook and loop system, allowing for fast poster mounting, removal or rotation, with an effective adhesive ensuring that tabs will continue to work in temperatures ranging from -29˚C to 93˚C – perfect for a range of manufacturing environments.