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Safety Showers

Safety showers are an emergency system for removing contaminants from the body and skin. They are usually placed in an accessible location so that users can rapidly operate the device, and often include eye and face wash fountains designed specifically to remove dangerous substances from those areas. Usually the first method to remove hazardous liquids, they can easily prevent any further damage or injury from occurring due to contamination. Our guide to showers summarises the different features available.

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Choosing Emergency Showers

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act it is the responsibility of an employer to take precautions which may have been identified in a risk assessment. If potential skin contamination is a risk then it is prudent to have emergency washing facilities. Studies show that the most beneficial first aid action that can be taken when contamination occurs is flushing with a direct water stream. As contamination can be worsened the longer an individual is exposed to the hazardous material, having an easily accessible and usable safety shower is a vital part of many workplaces, especially where hazardous chemicals are involved.

Safety showers are not used for flushing eyes because the high water pressure could cause damage. Fountains and Eye Baths are available separately but can also be part of the safety shower unit itself. Where space is limited, or the nature of the hazard dictates, multiple separate safety shower units may be preferable. Combined eye wash and safety showers such as Hughes emergency combination showers however will cover multiple hazards at once. The shower and eye/face wash components are both operated easily and quickly. A pull handle operates the shower function, while the eye/face wash is started by a lid that is connected to the water valve. The shower part offers stable and strong flow pressure, while the eye/face wash has a weaker flow pressure – perfect for delicate eye and face areas. Durable and long lasting, there is a choice of either stainless steel or galvanised mild steel materials.

Emergency safety showers can be floor standing, or where space is restricted, mounted on walls or ceiling. Our wall-mounted emergency shower is an ideal solution where space is limited. It is easy to install and use and complies to ANSI Z358.

Available Shower Accessories

Most emergency safety showers and eye wash units can be supplied with a wide range of optional fittings to make it easier to use or alert/inform co-workers and first aiders to the location of the emergency equipment. There is a range of signs to identify safety showers in our emergency signs section. There is also a choice of devices to activate the showers in different ways such as the foot control panel which allows for hands free operation in case of hand injury. Additionally an overhead light can be installed for visibility where there is no external lighting source.

Emergency Showers In Cold Climates

In sub-zero environments there is a need ensure the water in emergency showers does not freeze, and protecting casualties from thermal shock or hypothermia in such harsh conditions during and after showering is also important. One solution is to use a temperature controlled shower, such as our heated combination showers.

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