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Roll Cages

Roll Pallets are a simple but effective solution to securely transport heavy items around industrial and commercial sites such as warehouses. At Seton, we have a good selection of roll pallets to enable a convenient, hassle-free transportation system to suit a wide variety of requirements. for more information
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Roll Pallets Buying Guide

The moving of bulky or heavy objects is covered by health and safety laws to prevent injuries to workers; failing to comply with these laws can leave you liable to prosecution. Roll pallets offer a convenient method of minimising the risk of back injury or strained muscles affecting your employees, while ensuring your health and safety compliance.

Back injuries and strained muscles are common injuries which can prove debilitating and employers have a responsibility to minimise the risk of these occurring. The lifting of awkward and heavy objects can cause these injuries, leading to staff absence as well the risk of prosecution for failure to protect your staff. Roll pallets are a convenient method of transporting all kinds of heavy objects to wherever they are required on-site efficiently and safely.

There are a number of roll pallets in the range of Trucks and Trolleys at Seton. All are in a sturdy design which is able to cope with a demanding industrial environment. The tough zinc or steel frames provide a secure cage for the objects you are transporting. For extra security, we also have some secure options, which are ideal for the transportation of valuables or if the roll pallets are likely to be left unattended. Take a look at our range of Padlocks for options on securing the roll pallets.

To keep the objects on your roll pallets safe we can also supply a range of Packing Boxes and Bubble Wrap. Make sure those manoeuvring the roll pallet can be easily seen in a busy industrial site with High Visibility Clothing.

Roll pallets will make your workplace a safer, more efficient place to be. Unlike vehicles used in transportation, they are cheap to run and straightforward to maintain thanks to the easy-to-clean materials used in their construction. As they are easy to use, they will make your site a more convenient place to work where tasks can be carried out efficiently, free from the worries of injury. With our comprehensive range you will be sure to find roll pallets which will suit your requirements.