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Health & Safety Books & Guides

In order to comply with the relevant health and safety at work guidelines and legislation, employers have a duty to keep their workforce fully informed and trained on a range of health and safety issues within the workplace. Delivering the correct health and safety training, and providing ongoing access to relevant health and safety information is an important part of being a responsible employer or business owner. With this in mind, Seton has put together a range of helpful Health and Safety Books and Guides, which can be used for staff training purposes as well as helping to keep the workforce informed at all times.

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Health and Safety Training

At Seton, building managers, trainers and employers can choose from a comprehensive selection of Health and Safety Books and Guides, which can be used to help organise and deliver health and safety training within a business.

Our easy-to-use health and safety manual and CD ROM package is a popular starting point for businesses looking to create or streamline their on-site health and safety provision, offering as it does an accessible, jargon-free introduction to the relevant health and safety legislation and the implications that it has on businesses. The pack is available as both a hard copy and CD ROM digital version – which allows information to be customised and stored in a digital fashion.

As well as providing for workplace health and safety policy statements, the manual comes complete with templates for the most common health and safety risk assessments in the workplace, as well as providing practical help and guidance with the implementation of key safety procedures and the keeping of key safety records, designed to help take the hassle out of workplace safety management.

Accident Prevention in the Workplace

For staff training purposes, we can provide a range of Health and Safety Training booklets, which help to meet the requirements for health and safety training within the workplace.

Our easy-to-read training booklets can be read in 10 minutes or less. They provide an overview of workplace health and safety, including safety essentials for computer operators, disability – working together, fire safety essentials, home and work safety essentials, and manual handling safety essentials. There is also an overarching on-site safety guide available in English and Polish. These quick guides not only help with staff training but can also be used as a quick reference by members of the workforce in the event of a health and safety question or query arising.

We also offer more comprehensive health and safety literature on a selection of topics. They include health and safety induction covering essential areas of workplace health and safety, and health and safety for computer operators, which supplies important information on this common workplace risk factor, for use both in training and as a reference guide.

Our health and safety books and guides are designed to clearly communicate the health and safety message, using a combination of visual and verbal prompts, helping your workforce quickly understand and assimilate health and safety information that can affect areas of their work.

Our product range also includes all the necessary tools for health and safety compliance, such as risk assessment and record keeping.