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Handrail Barriers

A safe working environment is a priority for businesses, and health and safety legislation requires its provision. Obvious safety measures also increase worker confidence. Handrail barriers are a feature that can be used in a variety of settings, reducing the risk of accidents caused by lack of support or unauthorised access into hazardous areas.

With every workplace being unique, a good handrail barrier system needs to have many options to provide protection. The range of components includes a variety of tees and elbows that are ideal for creating handrail barriers to meet your requirements. Our handrail systems guide is full of useful information on guardrail construction and how to combine them with other safety solutions.

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Handrail Systems Explained

Handrail barriers are a hardworking safety system that will be in use every single day. They can be employed to perform a myriad of tasks including:

  • Restricting access

  • Providing guidance

  • Helping to prevent falls

Barriers of this type are ideal for many kinds of business, but particularly suited to commercial, manufacturing, and industrial settings. Our handrail barriers provide a cost-effective and straightforward system that will improve the safety standards of your business premises.

Seton is aware of the many varied needs of business premises, and our range of handrail barrier components can be used to create an endless combination of railings.This makes it a particularly attractive method of barrier railing for businesses because you only have to purchase the components you need. The versatility of the barriers in our range allows for the creation of handrails that go up stairs, beside slopes and around corners.

Guardrail Construction

Constructing handrail barriers is a straightforward process with no need for welding or any other specialist skill. Our range includes the tools and fixings you will need to slot the components together and fix them to walls and floors. The wide selection of connectors available includes a variety of angle and swivel fittings to ensure you can configure your handrail barrier as needed.

The materials used to construct our handrail barriers are designed to be sturdy and long lasting. The components have UV and weather resistant properties that allow a long-lasting barrier to be constructed. In addition the Warmagrip™ system has a unique ‘warm to the touch’ feel to it, providing a comfortable grip in all conditions.

Safety Handrails and Other Solutions

When designing handrail barrier systems, safety is inevitably a top priority and there are regulations businesses must comply with to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. This can cause some anxiety, but by shopping with Seton, you will have complete peace of mind. Our handrail barriers, as with all other products we sell, comply with current EU and UK safety requirements. We are always happy to offer advice on the best products to improve the safety of your premises.

Seton stocks a range of products that can be used in conjunction with our handrail barriers to increase the comfort and safety of everyone at your workplace.

  • Floor markers and signs provide hazard warnings and instructions along your paths and walkways

A handrail barrier system is easy to construct and provides an efficient way of reducing accidents and increasing safety. By selecting the components you need from Seton, you can create a barrier that will provide long lasting protection and reassurance.