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Chemical Resistant Gloves

For employees handling certain, potentially dangerous substances, wearing the right chemical resistant gloves can be the difference between staying safe and suffering from a potentially serious injury. Take a look at our full range of chemical resistant hand safety products below and our chemical glove buying guide.

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Importance of Chemical Gloves

In the event of a chemical spill, the hands are likely to be the first part of the body affected. Chemical resistant gloves provide an effective barrier between the chemicals and the skin, preventing chemical injuries, including burns and irritation. Many industries work with chemicals, including the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and manufacturing. For all of these companies, protecting your employees against the risks of chemical injuries is essential.

Choosing Chemical Gloves

Seton has an extensive range of chemical resistant gloves, many from well-known brands. All will provide effective protection against chemicals, but many also incorporate other safety features, such as protection against mechanical hazards, and thermal linings to allow for use in cold conditions and to aid in heat resistance.

The range of chemical resistant gloves at Seton includes both reusable and disposable chemical resistant gloves. The reusable gloves are made of durable materials to provide long-lasting protection and can be easily cleaned. A stock of disposable gloves is always handy to provide for any visitors coming to your premises. They are also ideal for when strict hygiene makes it necessary to dispose of the gloves after use. All of the chemical resistant gloves are comfortable to wear, have a secure grip and allow good dexterity for the wearer. For other environments you might need other types of work gloves that will suit your needs.

Chemical resistant gloves will provide good protection against chemical injuries when used in conjunction with other chemical safety products. Defend the entire body with chemical resistant clothing and protect against chemical fumes using respirators. While every effort should be made to avoid chemical spills, accidents happen even in the best-regulated workplaces. The chemical resistant clothing will protect against injuries, and if you have well-stocked spill control, any accidents can be quickly dealt with, without injury.

Ensuring your workers are protected against the burns and irritations of chemical injuries will allow your staff to confidently and efficiently carry out their work. The provision of chemical resistant clothing, including chemical resistant gloves, is an effective but straightforward measure you can take to achieve this. Other PPE may also need to be used in high risk environments.