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Waste Containers & Collectors

Separating, collecting and disposing of rubbish correctly is of crucial importance to businesses. All workplaces need to ensure cleanliness on-site and do their part for the environment. Our comprehensive range of waste containers & collectors offers options in a variety of capacities with an assortment of features and designs, including those suitable for larger premises. No matter what your needs, we’ll have a waste disposal solution to meet your requirements. Our collection ensures you’ll be able to provide those on-site with visible and accessible litter disposal facilities, encouraging and reminding them to keep their surroundings clean.

For more information on waste containers, read our buying guide below.

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Rubbish Containers: Buying Guide

Keeping a busy workplace clean, tidy and clear of obstruction can be tough, but our range of waste container and collector options helps make this easier. This goes for waste disposal inside and outdoors too – littering anywhere on-site decreases your property’s cleanliness and can jeopardise certain health & safety requirements. For more outdoor bin options you can check out our full range.

Providing staff and visitors with accessible, clear and visible bins and litter disposal stations encourages them to use the facilities and keep surroundings clean. This in turn helps safeguard them and the nearby environment.

What Waste and Recycling Bin Options Do I Have To Choose From?

Our huge selection of waste containers and collectors has something for everyone and every requirement. A few popular options are:

Wheeled Polyethylene Waste Containers - These are a durable and high capacity choice ideal for use in a business environment. These large, easily transportable bins are compatible with modern lifting machinery so can be emptied easily. Use different colours to show which which items can be placed inside.

Skipper Recycling Station - Recycling and correctly separating/disposing of waste is of crucial importance in protecting the environment around us, so the compact Skipper Recycling Station will encourage those on-site to do so. Its green appearance ensures it’s visible, acting as a constant reminder to staff and visitors to use it.

Wall-Mounted Skipper Suction Mounted Waste Bin Kits - These are easy to install, durable and convenient to empty with little cleaning or maintenance required.

Skipper products are a versatile way to provide safety stations, barriers and waste management solutions in your workplace. The full range includes options for both in and out of doors and is well-worth considering when looking at your options for waste disposal and separation.

What Other Outdoor Waste Bins Might Be Useful For My Business?

If your premises have a designated outdoor smoking area, providing a cigarette/ash tray bin avoids smokers stubbing out their cigarettes on your premises and dropping the ends on the ground. Providing these specialist facilities for your staff or visitors also ensures that when finished with, each cigarette is disposed of safely.

Dog waste bins can be useful if your premises are based in an area where people like to walk their dogs. Providing facilities for walkers to properly dispose of their pet’s waste encourages them to do the responsible thing and keep areas clean. This in turn, keeps those in your premises safe from potential health hazards that can be caused by dog fouling.