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Need help? Need help? Which ladder is right for my task? When you have employees working at height, even if they’re not very far off the ground, you need to be confident they are using good quality equipment that will minimise the risk of injury. Our selection of ladders, steps and platforms has that covered. You’ll find everything you need here, from simple stepladders to scaffold and tower systems. We stock brands you can trust and all our equipment meets the necessary safety standards.

If you’ve been getting by with old ladders, replacing them could make a big difference to safety in your workplace, and to the speed and efficiency with which things get done. Our selection of steps and stools are ideal for warehouses and archives where staff need to be able to reach high shelves quickly, and our platform equipment can be used in a variety of workplace settings.

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Multi Purpose Ladders and Platforms

Our extensive selection of ladders and accessories means you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding what you need. When buying, you should take the time to think about the multiple uses for which you might want to put the items. You can then shop based on those criteria. As a rule, it’s best to get the shortest, lowest ladder or scaffold you need, as this will result in optimum sturdiness and security.

Heavier ladders and platforms such as industrial platform step ladders tend to be more stable than lighter ones, but there’s a trade-off involved, because your employees will have to move this equipment around, improper operation or movement of them could lead to injury. All the ladders that we supply are stable under normal conditions, as long as they’re properly used. Read the instructions carefully and don’t exceed the weight limit, be aware of your surroundings when climbing onto the very top. Be extra vigilant when using them outdoors or in windy conditions.

It is important to consider the type of ladder that you wish to use in your workplace:
  • Extension Ladders make excellent use of space and provide the user with extra reach when needed. A perfect standard choice for warehouses and industrial buildings. Combination Ladders are useful all round units that often give you the use of many types of ladder in one product, these types of ladder are amongst our most popular choices due to their functionality.

  • Telescopic Ladders are ideal for saving space and maintaining maximum usability. Often made of lightweight material they are especially useful for mobile users. They fit easily in a van or car for transport.

When you’re going to be working on the same area over a prolonged period, a scaffold or tower system is a better bet than a ladder. It takes longer to set up, but it’s more stable and allows more freedom of movement. It also has a higher weight limit, meaning tools and materials can usually be kept at the height where work is being done, instead of having to be carried up and down all the time.

Access Platforms are a great solution when you want the stability and flexibility of a scaffold but you don’t need your employees to be far off the ground, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time on setup. Some step platforms can be wheeled into position and then anchored, while others are lightweight and easy to carry to where they’re needed. They’re ideal for work such as moving equipment, affecting repairs or replacing wall fittings. You may need additional steps to climb safely onto some types of platform, but others have steps built in.

When you need to only reach a short distance, for instance, because you need to reach shelving, then stools, step-ups and kick steps are ideal. They’re the popular choice in retail environments and libraries but can come in handy in many other types of workplaces.


What’s the difference between steps and ladders?

Our steps start much smaller, and they provide more room for positioning the feet, making them more comfortable to climb and easier to stand on for prolonged periods. Ladders can usually be climbed more quickly, and in some cases, they offer more flexibility regarding how you can position them.

How do I know if I need a scaffold or just an ordinary platform?

Scaffold systems are designed to let you work higher than standard platforms. They offer more stability but they take longer to dismantle, so they’re a better option for jobs that are going to take longer to complete.

How safe are steps with wheels attached?

Wheeled steps are designed in one of two ways: either they can be locked in place before use, or the wheels retract automatically under the weight of somebody climbing on them. Either way, as long as the instructions are followed properly, you won’t need to worry about them moving when an employee is on them.

Why do some platforms have guardrails when others don’t?

Guardrails add to the safety of the platforms, making sure your employees remain secure when using them. For some tasks, however, a guardrail can get in the way and in other circumstances, they’re not necessary. We offer a variety of options, including universal platform steps, an excellent choice for all round coverage, catering for all circumstances. So you can decide what’s best suited to your workplace and the particular tasks your employees need to do.