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Salt Spreaders

Need help? Need help? How to spread salt evenly and cheaply User-Rated Salt Spreaders – Built-to-Last and Practical

When ice and snow are expected it’s important to do what you can to ensure your site remains as safe as possible underfoot. Snow Shovels can go some way towards achieving this, but our salt spreaders could prove even more effective. With a selection of salt spreaders to choose from, it could be easier than you expect to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

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Salt spreaders are available in a variety of styles, each suited to a differ application. A shoulder bag salt spreader can make gritting larger areas a much simpler task. These comfortable nylon bags can be carried around with a shoulder strap, making it easier to transport larger volumes of grit or salt by foot. The fact you’ll need to make fewer trips back and forth tends to make them a more convenient option than handheld salt spreaders when dealing with larger areas. Our wheeled spreaders are ideal for medium duty jobs. Simply push the cart along on its wheels and the hopper will conveniently distribute a suitable amount of brown or white ice salt on the ground below. For heavy duty salt spreading, the best solution is a commercial tow spreader. With these devices, you can rely on your car to carry the bulk of the weight, leaving you free to move anything from 40kg to 250kg, depending on the model you purchase. Most are compatible with rain covers, making them easy to use even in harsh weather. For more snow control equipment, see our 18kg Spreader Winter Xtreme which provides effective snow control in harsh weather conditions.

Do I Really Need a Salt Spreader For My Business Premises?

A salt spreader (also known as a salt gritter spreader or a rock salt spreader) may not seem like a vital piece of equipment for every business, but when the snow and ice arrive, you may find that it is highly convenient to have one, even if you only have relatively small outside areas to grit. In the UK, a salt spreader may seem like an unnecessary expense, but small ones are highly affordable, and being able to grit or salt your premises easily, during those short periods when it is necessary, is definitely worth the investment for many businesses.

Even if your business is in a part of the UK that rarely sees snow, you are still likely to experience dangerous icy surfaces over the winter months. A rock salt spreader can make it easy to de-ice business premises quickly and easily, and can be used both to melt existing ice, and grit the ground in advance of freezing temperatures, and help stop ice from forming. For some more northerly UK businesses, snow and ice can occur regularly across a few months, and having an easy system in place for gritting your outside areas can improve safety and efficiency throughout the winter.

A decent salt spreader can make the whole de-icing process quicker, easier, and safer, allowing your employees, customers, and visitors to suffer minimal levels of inconvenience. Proper salt-spreading can help avoid accidents on your premises, which no business owner wants, and which can of course result in an expensive insurance claim.

Advantages of Salt Spreaders

The main advantage of a walk behind salt spreader is the simple ability to grit your outside areas more quickly and efficiently than doing it by hand. Many salt spreaders are small and lightweight, allowing them to be easily wheeled around and manoeuvred into tight spots. A salt spreader helps ensure that salt is correctly distributed and saves time which may be important when working to grit areas ahead of bad weather rolling in, or following an unexpected snow fall. While the name salt spreader is commonly used, and most businesses will indeed use either brown or white rock salt as a gritting agent, different spreaders may be suitable for use with different types of gritting materials. Always check manufacturer’s instructions for any recommendations.

Depending on your needs, you may also want to use a shoulder spreader, or even a knapsack sprayer, which can be used to disperse liquid ice melt and other de-icing solutions. Both are easy to carry and especially useful for de-icing small areas or surfaces that are hard to use a conventional salt spreader on, such as outside stairwells and gantries.

Another advantage of salt spreaders is that they are generally a little more efficient than gritting by hand. They tend to use less salt and will distribute it evenly. It’s actually quite hard to gauge the right amount of salt to use when gritting manually, and most people, reasonably enough, will want to use too much rather than too little, resulting in a waste of gritting salt. If, of course, they do underestimate, this can potentially be dangerous, and also wasteful, as the area will no doubt need gritting a second time. Using a spreader, then, will usually save on salt, time, and energy.

How To Use Rock Salt Spreaders UK

Most small salt spreaders can be pushed or pulled around by means of a handle, making it easy to move when . They must of course, first be filled with salt or a suitable ice melting agent, and generally work by allowing the salt to fall onto a rotating disc which then disperses it fairly widely and evenly. Many allow for the flow rate to be controlled. If using a knapsack style spreader with liquid ice melt, you will generally first have to pump it full of the solution you are using, then use a nozzle spray to distribute it. It is also possible to attach spray booms with extra nozzles, to spray larger areas more quickly, then switch back to a single nozzle for smaller areas. Always follow care and maintenance advice carefully.

What Are The Best Rock Salt Spreaders To Buy In UK?

Here at Seton we have a variety of salt spreaders and other de-icing equipment available year-round. Here are some of our popular types of salt spreading equipment.

  • 18kg Spreader Winter Xtreme – This durable, user-friendly salt spreader is our most popular model. With heavy-duty solid linkage control and pneumatic tyres, it comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Hand Held Salt Spreader – Convenient and highly affordable solution for smaller businesses or those with limited outside premises. With high-speed hand crank gearbox, adjustable rate control, and ergonomic handle.

  • Liquid Ice Melt Knapsack Sprayer – This portable de-icing device has a 15 litre capacity and an easy pump, no leak system. It is light but robust, and very easy to operate.

Whichever product you choose, you can be sure of a durable, reliable and effective product – and most have adjustable flow rates, allowing you to determine just how much salt you want to spread. These are a good way save your resources and use an amount that’s appropriate for the job. If you’re not sure which model is right for you, just contact us by phone or email.