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Need help? Need help? More information on Radios Good communication is vitally important for the safe management of work premises and Radios are an incredibly valuable tool that can aid this. While they can be useful in many areas for passing on information and instructions, this method of communication is particularly necessary for reliable workplace security.

Not only do our range of radios allow security staff to be able to communicate any problems or threats immediately, but they also help you to maintain good safety standards. Using these and other security products is essential to protect staff and the public from accidents and to remain on the right side of health and safety legislation.

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Safety Through Security

Effective communication on busy industrial and construction sites can help prevent serious accidents, while for those involved in the security of a work premises, a radio is a useful protective tool, allowing workers to easily summon assistance if the situation requires it. Supplying good-quality radios will enable effective communication at your company.

The protection of employees at work is covered by a large amount of EU and UK health and safety legislation, which employers must comply with to stay on the right side of the law. It is an area that can cause considerable confusion, making it hard to create effective safety strategies.

Employees have the right to feel safe at work, and providing sufficient Security Equipment is an effective way to demonstrate how seriously you take their safety. Whether they are stewarding events, managing a busy construction site or patrolling a site after dark, radios can help them stay safe.

Confident that their safety has been well taken care of, employees will be able to focus more on their tasks, improving workplace efficiency. Good communication is one of the key measures that you can take to keep your staff secure at work. By proving your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, you will remain on the right side of the law. With the help of the good-quality safety and security products at Seton, you can be confident that your premises will be a secure place to work.

Radio Options

Giving your staff radios such as our twin pack of Cobra MT645 PMR 2 Way Radios enables them to communicate will help you comply with the safety legislation easily. The radios are high quality and feature multiple channels and privacy codes. They are straightforward to use with indicators of when it is possible to speak. A backlit LCD screen makes them easy to operate even at night or in dimly lit areas.

With communication possible for up to 5km and a robust, waterproof design, these radios will provide long-lasting support, helping keep your employees safe for a long time to come. The radios are powered by rechargeable batteries but also take AAA batteries for added convenience.

Other Security Products

At Seton, we believe that safety should be straightforward, and we supply a vast range of products, including Security Equipment that will make your health and safety processes easy. As one of the leading online retailers of safety products, we make sure that our products comply with all relevant legislation and will be happy to offer any advice that you need on the correct products for your company.

To increase the safety of your staff, use our radios in conjunction with other products from our range, such as Torches for security after dark and jackets from our collection of High Visibility Clothing. Our wide variety of Security & CCTV Signs can also help to deter any potential security risk before it occurs.