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Barriers & Access Management

Need help? Need help? How flexible barriers save lives In order for your workplace to be safe for your employees and visitors, it is important that everyone knows where they are going and which areas they should stay away from. Our barriers can be used both indoors and out, and are easily combined with an extensive range of safety signs if you want to send a more precise message.

It is also essential that disabled people can physically access spaces. The barriers and access management equipment we stock here at Seton allow you to arrange this in a flexible, easily organised way with practical products that address all of your needs. Our useful access equipment buying guide and frequently asked questions include information on choosing the right barriers, emergency planning and ensuring everyone can access your building.

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Traffic Barriers and Access Equipment Buying Guide

In all workplaces there is a need, whether permanent or temporary, to restrict access to certain areas. This can be for security purposes, but more often than not is to keep staff, customers and other visitors safe.
Whatever the reason, our aim at Seton is to provide barriers and access management equipment suitable for every situation.

Choosing the Correct Access Barrier

Our solid access barriers are ideal for holding back crowds or stopping vehicles, with some heavy enough to stop vehicles that drive directly at them, we also have specialist barriers designed to help you control the type of vehicles entering your premises. Additionally, we stock flexible adjustable barriers that are light and easy to deploy quickly in an emergency.

Accessories like clip-on lights and glow in the dark materials mean you can ensure that your barriers are still visible at night.

Some of our barriers can be attached to traffic cones, letting you do two jobs in one go. We stock many different types of cones for use in different situations.

All our barriers are built from high quality materials and are weather-resistant, so you can use them in any environment.

Ramps, Handrails and Disabled Access

The ramps we stock make it easy to improve the accessibility of your workplace for disabled people, making a good impression on customers and fulfilling your obligations as an employer. They also make moving things like mail carts, food trolleys and cleaning equipment easier. We have a range of fixed and moveable options to suit your needs. Some can be folded up to reduce the amount of storage space they take up when not in use.

Hand rails can help elderly or ambulant disabled people move around your workplace safely. They can also protect your staff from falling in hazardous situations, such as when they must make their way up steps wearing personal protective equipment that is necessary, but restricts movement or vision. All the hand rails we stock are designed to be easy to grip and strong enough to take the weight of someone who stumbles. They are also easy to fit in place.

The Importance of Emergency Barriers

Our range of flexible solutions includes chains and a selection of tapes with different kinds of marking, including one that can be written on directly so you can warn people about specific safety hazards, such as chemical spills. It’s advisable to keep at least a small supply of these kinds of temporary barrier on hand as they are invaluable in emergency situations for keeping people and vehicles away from dangerous areas. With barrier tape, you can block off an area in seconds. This could be sufficient in itself, or it could buy you the time needed to get solid barriers in place.


What kind of ramp do I need for wheelchair access?

All the ramps we stock are suitable for standard wheelchairs. Some are designed to be fixed in place permanently whilst others can be moved around. If you use moveable ramps, make sure wheelchair users can summon assistance when they need it.

Do I need a lot of space to store barriers?

Some of the barriers we stock are retractable, so you only really need enough room to store the posts. Chain link barriers are also a practical option for people with limited storage space.

Do I have to assemble barriers myself?

Some of our barriers are sold as ready-made units. Others are designed to be assembled in whatever arrangement suits your needs, but they are not difficult to put together – a lot easier than flat pack furniture.

It’s difficult to know what I’ll need, how can I futureproof my purchases?

By working with a modular system that can be added to and amended as required you can quickly order and install new components to create a brand new configuration very easily indeed.

The Skipper barrier system, for example, can be attached to cones or dedicated stands and placed virtually anywhere, indoors or out. With a wide range of accessories including refuse bins and sign holders they can become incredibly useful stations in their own right.