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Have you ever misplaced something and torn your work area apart trying to find it, only to discover that it was right where you had left it? This is where set in order, Step 2 of the 5S process, is invaluable. Essentially this is organising the remaining items following the sort step in which unrequired items have been tagged and removed. Key to this second step is creating a specific location so that tools and equipment can be easily found and replaced when finished with.

Having a place for everything, and everything in its place not only leads to a clean, professional and organised workplace; it can also improve efficiency and increase productivity. Tools and equipment are conveniently placed ready for use; with no more time spent turning your work area upside down looking for a misplaced item.

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5S Set In Order Checklist

Undertaking the 5s set in order element may at first seem daunting, but our 5S set in order checklist will help to give you a better understanding of the process.

  • The more frequent the use, the closer to the point of use the item should be stored

  • Arrange equipment, tools and supplies in a logical order; such as sequence of use or size to encourage people to follow your 5S procedures

  • Use colour-coding

  • Designate locations for specific items

  • Use labels and signs to identify stored items

It is a good idea to have multiples of the same tools if it speeds up a process, and of course if the cost is not prohibitive. For instance, in an office location it does not take too many trips from the printer to your desk to realise that it would be useful to have an additional stapler positioned near the printer.

The same applies in manufacturing. If you are constantly walking back to a shadow board to get a tool, then why not buy an additional one and keep it close to where it is needed.

Seton’s range of innovative storage solutions and shadow boards allow you to neatly store away equipment and parts, whilst ensuring quick and easy retrieval when needed. This all leads to increased work capacity, decreased operational costs and improved employee satisfaction.

It all sounds a bit of a palaver, why do I need to store stuff away?

It goes without saying that it saves time; but by carefully storing away items not in use there is less likelihood of tools and equipment getting damaged or becoming a trip hazard.

It can also help to prevent items from being lost or misplaced as any missing tools or equipment can be easily identified.

How can I tell if equipment or tools are missing?

The use of “shadows,” in addition to clear labelling, act as a visual aid in quickly identifying any missing items. Shadow boards are ideal for organising tools and cleaning equipment.

Our first aid and fire extinguisher stations feature clear labelling so that if essential equipment is missing it can be easily seen at a glance and the problem rectified.

What storage solution is best for me?

It really all depends on what tools, equipment or parts are being stored. Storage boxes are ideal for keeping small parts together whilst also enabling as-a-glance stock control.

For larger items, consider storage cabinets, cupboards or even lockers.

Key to the effectiveness of workplace storage solutions though, is clear labelling supported by colour-coding wherever possible.