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The smallest items are often the most important when it comes to security in the workplace. It is often easy to overlook simple equipment that can prove to be essential to the smooth running of any business, company or industrial work place. When considering such things it is vital to ensure that sufficient lighting equipment is on hand to ensure that employees are not caught out while patrolling at night and when it comes to maintenance and repair work, adequate lighting is paramount. We offer a wide selection of torches fit for all environments and functions.

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Torches: Buying Guide

For businesses that employ a regular security force the correct equipment can mean the difference between an effective deterrent and an unfortunate theft or damage to property, a simple way of ensuring effectiveness is to furnish your employees with high quality torches. A simple way of allowing would be interlopers to be apprehended or deterred entirely from their burglary attempt. A torch is a useful tool to security personnel, the Trio 550 LED Hand Lamp is ideal for uses such as this, it is a robust and lightweight torch that has a high degree of illumination whilst remaining easy to handle and unobtrusive to the user.

Another option is our SL180 Rechargeable Torch, a perfect companion for onsite security; it is tough, powerful and ergonomically designed to be carried for long periods of time without promoting fatigue for the user. As a security torch it is an indispensible tool with many options for handling the unit including an adjustable swivel handle that means the torch can be held upright or in a pistol grip. Its drop and shock proof casing add to its hard wearing and robust nature.

Safety torches give you a high degree of functionality in adverse conditions

The use of torches as part of the essential safety work kit can never be overstated; we offer a range of products that will suit use as a way to augment the safety of the user in any situation that may arise. The ATEX Safety Torch is an industry standard and is available as either a straight ahead torch or as a right angled device, allowing it to be easily clipped on to the jacket rather than having to hold it in hand, giving the user the ability to complete work while the area ahead remains fully lighted at all times. Another type of torch to consider is the head mounted variant, we supply a Nightsearcher HT550R Rechargeable Head Torch which is perfect for industrial or even sports applications, it can be helmet mounted and has an innovative automatic dimming light mode that detects objects in front of the torch and adjusts the light level accordingly.

Sometimes a more heavy duty solution is required, for those needing a large amount of light for maintenance and repair work, we recommend one of our work lights. Larger and more powerful than the average hand torch and with variable and versatile function there are many models to consider. The WorkBrite Connect 2500 can illuminate areas up to 20 meters away and offers built in options for wall mounting and tripod use. The Galaxy Pro 2000 is another work light that is light weight, strong and gives you a wealth of options for display and usage. We are sure that within our torches range you will find the lighting solution that you are looking for.