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Fire Extinguisher Storage & Accessories

Having Fire Extinguishers at your premises is essential. Enabling you to put out small fires before they become a hazard to the entire building and everyone in it. You will also need a safe place to store and display your extinguishers. We have a wide range of fire extinguisher accessories that includes everything you will need to safely store, display and secure your fire extinguishers so they will only be used in the event of fire emergency.

Our complete range of fire extinguisher equipment covers everything from brackets to stands to heavy duty cabinets. Everything you will need to effectively display your fire extinguisher.

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What Is The Best Way to Display My Fire Extinguisher?

There are many ways that you can store and display your fire extinguisher, these will depend on the environment that they are to be used in and the extinguisher that is to be stored.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets are a very basic and simple way to display fire extinguishers. They are easy to install and comprise essentially a metal hook for you to keep the extinguisher prominent but in an easy to access place. We also offer a more heavy duty bracket in the form of our Fire Extinguisher Wall Bracket, this will enable you to clip the extinguisher in place with tension straps and can also be used inside vehicles.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are a more secure option. These are used in exterior locations and are generally made to be weather proof. Most of our cabinets come with kits to affix to flat surfaces and with the ultra tough plastic that they are made of they provide excellent security. There are many options to choose from with some having internal straps to keep the extinguishers in place and extra room for other fire fighting equipment. They are an excellent choice for more industrial sites and anywhere that security and authorised access to fire fighting equipment is an issue.

The most versatile pieces of extinguisher display equipment are our Fire Extinguisher Stands and Trolleys. You will have no doubt already seen these almost anywhere extinguishers are displayed such as in public spaces, offices and warehouses. We have an eclectic range of stands and trolleys to choose from, some have space to display the type of extinguisher in the stand and they come in a wide range of materials, metals and heavy duty plastics, for use in any environment. Trolleys offer all of the benefits of stands but are also mobile, enabling you to have the extinguishers where they are needed during work and stored elsewhere at night or used in temporary sites such as for construction.