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Despatch Envelopes & Packing Labels

Despatch Envelopes and Packing Labels are vital for sending products and goods to the right business safely and securely. Packages are often exposed to the elements during transit, so you need to select robust and protected labels and envelopes to ensure that documents are not destroyed or lost. Distribution is particularly critical to enterprises based on an industrial site or with a warehouse, so make sure to select the best labels and other packaging materials. We have a range of Despatch Envelopes and Packing Labels for your every need. These can be purchased in substantial quantities if necessary, for use every day.

See below for our buying guide on how to package important documents and transporting dangerous goods.

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Document Enclosed Wallets & Packaging Labels: Buying Guide

Transporting dangerous goods such as toxic substances and flammable liquids is an everyday occurrence in a wide range of industries, and our customisable UN Packaging Labels pack will allow you to insert your own required UN number. The UN class number, which is defined by the ADR agreement, will be added before despatch, so make sure to input the four-digit code when ordering. These labels are made from vinyl and can be affixed to boxes and any other packages. The minimum order quantity for this product is ten, allowing you to stock up for future needs.

We also have a variety of despatch envelopes for sending goods safely to customers and clients. The Despatch Envelopes - Documents Enclosed label will allow you to insert and seal documents within clear polyethylene and fix them to a range of materials, including cardboard, plastic, metal, paper and Tyvek. This ensures that documents can be inspected on arrival without having to open the parcel. The polyethylene material also protects from oil, grease, moisture and other substances that could potentially render important papers illegible. These envelopes are supplied in boxes of 1,000 envelopes, making them perfect for use in busy warehouses.

The Despatch Envelopes – Blank, are similar but are arguably more versatile due to the plain finish. These self-adhesive envelopes are also used to send important documents to clients rather than having to enclose them within a parcel, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome during inspection. The blank envelopes can also be used as shipping labels. Like many of our packing tapes and tools, these products can be used with our safety cutters and blades and packing boxes and bubble wrap for a complete packaging and shipping solution for goods.

We also offer Despatch Envelopes - Advice Note, to allow businesses to send documents to clients or customers to inform them that their goods have been despatched and to provide additional relevant details, such as the quantity of goods and the method of shipping. To use this product, simply insert your document, peel off the backing, and attach to a parcel using the self-adhesive. You can be sure that these labels and envelopes will remain attached to any parcels during shipping, and the clear polyethylene will protect enclosed documents during any adverse weather conditions.

Our document enclosed envelopes are usually supplied in boxes of 1,000, creating an efficient, cost-effective solution for all of your shipping and document needs. You could also use our collection of Packing Tapes to secure any parcels sent and then affix the despatch envelopes and labels on top. Labelling goods correctly is very important, so always opt for the best packing solution.