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Fire Door Accessories

Need help? Need help? How can you make your fire doors more effective? Safety Accessories for Fire Exit Doors - Fast Delivery

Fire doors are integral to fire safety. They are designed to help keep a fire from spreading, but they must be managed properly. You should test them on a regular basis to ensure that they close effectively and you should frequently check to make sure there is nothing blocking them that would prevent them from closing.

We have a wide selection of Fire Door Equipment, including exit stops, fire door retainers, door seals, door closers and panic bolts, to help you keep your fire doors working at peak efficiency. These devices are crucial in maintaining fire safety.

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Benefits of Fire Door Accessories

A fire door, when used properly and fitted with approved and applicable accessories, can save both lives and unnecessary costs. There is an array of different fire door accessories, which benefit the workplace in the following ways:

  • Enhance the safety aspects of the fire door by ensuring that it closes properly, that all gaps are sealed, and that exit points along escape routes are not blocked.

  • Comply with legal requirements while catering for the practicality and need for open fire doors during normal circumstances.

  • Provide security and at the same time ensure ready exit from inside the building.

  • Compensate for human error by ensuring the closing of fire doors.

Fire door closers

The purpose of a fire door is to compartmentalise different sections of a building and by doing so contain the spread of fires. An overhead door closer – or fire door closer – is a device that ensures that a fire door closes after being opened. Legally, fire doors should remain shut and the installation of fire door closers enforces this requirement.

Fire door seals

Smoke inhalation presents as much – if not more – danger than the actual fire. Approximately 80% of all fire-related deaths are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Fire doors might be effective against the spread of flames, but smoke can still escape through gaps. An intumescent seal is a strip of material fitted around a fire door. This strip expands when exposed to heat and seals gaps around the door. These seals have either 30, 60 or 120-minute ratings, indicating the length of time that they will seal a door effectively. Some only prevent smoke from spreading, while others prevent smoke and fire from spreading.

Fire door holders

Although fire doors should ideally be shut at all times, this arrangement is not always practical. A fire door holder – or fire door hold open device – can be fitted to a fire door to keep it open during normal situations. These devices can be directly connected to the fire alarm or be acoustically activated by the sound of the fire alarm. Once the fire alarm is triggered, the fire door holder releases the door for closing.

Fire door alarms

Fire door alarms are fitted to fire doors to prevent unauthorised entry and exit. These alarms are triggered by the unsanctioned use of a door. Fire door alarms can be used on interior and exterior doors and are used in various industries for differing purposes. Integrated door control systems establish foot traffic flow in one direction.

Fire alarms help:

  • Healthcare facilities to monitor the movement of visitors and patients.

  • The retail sector to prevent thefts and the unsanctioned use of emergency exits.

  • Warehousing facilities to implement inventory control.

  • Local authorities to control the access of persons in public places and official buildings.

  • Schools and nurseries to manage the movement of young children.

  • All facilities to monitor emergency door use without having to lock doors. In doing so, doors can still be used as evacuation exit points in the case of an emergency.

Panic bolts

The purpose of an emergency exit door is to provide an egress point to safety during evacuations. It is therefore not practical to have these doors under lock and key. Unfortunately, people – being people – casually use these doors for entries and exits if they are not locked. A panic bolt is a special lock fitted to an emergency door to prevent unauthorised use. These mechanisms are designed for either single or double doors, and they come with a breakable vial and attached hammer. In the event of an emergency, the hammer is used to smash the vial and the panic bolt releases the door for evacuation.

Panic bars

A panic bar has much the same function as a panic bolt – preventing the unsanctioned use of a fire exit door but not blocking an evacuation exit point during an emergency. These devices are fitted across a fire exit door. The bar is pushed down to release the door and create an emergency evacuation exit along an escape route.

Fire door accessories: recommendations

Fire door accessories assist with legal compliance and overall health and safety measures. We recommend that you keep the following in mind:

  • Fire door accessories – like any other installation – require proper fitting and maintenance to function as they should.

  • Examine all features of a product and ensure that it best suits your purposes.

For further information, read our comprehensive guide to fire safety in the workplace, including information about fire safety legislation and everything you need to know to pass a fire safety inspection.