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Catering & Burns First Aid Stations

Need help? Need help? Discover the key features of burns stations Certain working environments can contain hazards which make staff more susceptible to the risk of burns, so when this is the case it makes sense to have specific equipment on hand to treat scalds and burns as well as other first aid injuries. In the catering industry the most common workplace injuries are burns and cuts, so catering points and stations can provide you an all in one first aid solution for this type of environment.

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Burns & Catering First Aid Stations Buying Guide

Complete First Aid Workplace Solutions Tailored to Environments with a High Burn Risk

A burns or catering first aid station can help you meet your workplace health and safety obligations and are ideal where there is a risk of burns along with the potential for other common injuries such as cuts. When multiple hazards have been identified as part of a risk assessment the burns and catering stations can go a long way to providing a contingency because they allow fast treatment. Rapid treatment is especially important in the case of burns to prevent the injury from getting worse, so having burn gels and burn dressings in a nearby location is a sound policy.

Where there is potential for burns there is often a fire risk as well, so you may want to take a look at our selection of safety equipment for fires.

Providing Burns and First Aid Information, Equipment and More

Our burns and first aid Information points can provide key advice and are great to situate alongside a station or first aid kit. There is a version which details everything related to burns and the treatment of burns, and another which covers burns and other first aid treatment such as bleeding and eye injuries.

Both the catering and burns stations are highly recognisable due to the stand out 3D header sign depicting a white cross on a green background. The accident book is required in any workplace with 10 or more employees, and the updateable sign provides a space for first aider details. When the components are removed highly visible panels display the name of what’s missing and product reorder details, so all in all there are many ways the stations can help you keep compliant with first aid health and safety regulations.

Burns Stations vs Catering Stations

Burns stations can be situated in kitchens as a precaution for injury but are not recommended for commercial catering and food preparation environments due to the fact that they do not contain blue detectable contents. The catering stations on the other hand come with BS compliant catering first aid kits which contain specific catering first aid supplies such blue dressings, bandages and detectable plasters.

Complementary Equipment for First Aid Burns Stations

In food handling and catering environments there is always the potential for cross contamination by blood if one of the staff cut themselves, so biohazard clean up equipment is a useful thing to have on hand with your burns station. Likewise, a sharps disposal or combination clean up kit also covers this problem as well as the potential for dealing with broken crockery and glasses.

In food handling environments there is also the potential for eye injuries related to chillies or cleaning chemicals, so additional eye wash products such as pH neutralising fluid may also be something for you to consider.