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Need help? Need help? Should your waste bin have a lid? Our waste bins have been designed in every size and shape imaginable to allow you to effectively handle your waste management. Specific types of refuse collectors may be used, depending on the type of waste – for example; it may be organic, recyclable or hazardous. At Seton, waste bins can be found in a range of different materials: there are light or heavyweight plastic, polyethylene, and steel options. It is necessary to look at other factors when choosing a suitable dustbin for your workplace, such as whether the bin should be especially waterproof or fireproof, and whether a hands-free function is preferred.

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Refuse Containers: Buying Guide

Open-top bins are best suited to waste that is dry and will not cause unpleasant odours. The silver-finish mesh bin is powder-coated. Neat and practical, it is suitable to be placed near a desk at a personal workspace, or in the corner of a classroom. Circular coloured bins are ideally suited for near or under a desk but are useful in many parts of an office. In these environments, plenty of paper is discarded, and it would be advisable to place a paper recycling bin in the vicinity, preferably with a paper slot lid. This will encourage people not to scrunch up paper and toss it into mixed waste. Swing-lid bins are perfect for dry waste, but the refuse is kept out of sight in these.

At the other end of the scale, the round heavy duty containers are meant to withstand large loads and have a double-ribbed base. This means that they can withstand dragging under load. However, to render them easy to move, place the bin on a wheeled dolly, and transport will be simple. A specially designed kerb hopper ramp allows you to overcome this potential barrier. The thermal-resistant, hard-wearing plastic bin can screw securely onto the dolly. It has convenient handles that stop it from jamming into other bins if stacked. This bin also has a superb lid mechanism, meaning that it snaps on when pressed so that bad odours and rubbish cannot escape.

Larger bins for indoors include the Rubbermaid slim jim container with vents, the Rubbermaid defender metal bin, the plastic roll top bin, and the tough clip lid bin – this is another example of a bin with a secure closure against spills or odours. Available in bright colours, a row of these would be useful for waste separation.

Designed for easy access, the roll top is made from wipe-clean plastic. It may be used, for example, to collect mixed waste in a canteen. The slim jim is polyethylene, and perfect for squeezing into a narrow spot. The vents are there to prevent suction as you pull out the full bin liner. Both this and the defender have rigid plastic liners; however, the big difference is that the larger defender bin is made of steel that has been powder-coated for a smooth finish. It is among the choices of pedal-operated bins for hygienic, hands-free operation, and fortunately, the metal lid has a silent-close feature.

Lastly, the steel fireproof waste paper bin, which comes in a distinct, shiny powder coating, is a good-looking bin for any workplace. Its fire-retardant properties also make this bin a prime choice for public areas. The lid is such that any fire that starts in the bin will be suffocated, and will not spread outside the bin. It is not wall mountable, however, as are some bins specifically designed for use in smoking shelters.

In today’s world, recycling is high on the agenda, and there is an exceptional array of recycling bins, sackholders and cup bins with which you can help foster responsible waste management in your workplace, school or public area.