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Need help? Need help? How to create accessibility awareness in the workplace? Complete Range of Access Awareness Signs - Free Delivery

For people to be able to traverse business premises or sites safely, access routes should be clearly marked, both for able-bodied and disabled staff and visitors. Simple access signs can be used to signpost routes into buildings and sites as well as designating areas that are off limits.

In addition to this, most buildings that function as workplaces or need to allow public access have certain areas where access needs to be restricted. Our range of access awareness signs are one of the most effective ways of communicating who is and isn’t allowed in certain areas.

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Authorised Admittance Signs: Buying Guide

Creating Accessibility Awareness in the Workplace

For any place of work or public access building it is important that people understand how to access facilities and services in line with the requirements of the building management. Our access awareness signage range provides simple tools to clearly mark the points of entry for both the able bodied and those with disabilities.

In addition to this, in many workplaces and public buildings there are areas where it is necessary to restrict access. For example, in workplaces that also allow public access there will be designated ‘staff only’ areas, while on building and construction sites public access may not be allowed for health and safety reasons.

Using these signs to clearly demarcate which areas of your premises are accessible and to whom, is a great way to help people avoid straying into areas where they are not safe or not welcome. Almost all of our signs also have a tactile and braille safety sign option.

Access awareness signs allow you to create private spaces for staff and behind-the-scenes functions, as well as blocking access to areas where untrained personnel might be placed at risk.
Signage allows you to easily communicate the nature of these spaces to anyone who enters your premises as well as keeping people away from exterior areas where they ought not to be. We have a range of construction signs that offer more specific warnings for those environments.

The signs can also help with the implementation of health and safety protocols, ensuring that only those with the correct training enter areas where they may encounter hazards or risks. We have a full range of sign fixings to affix them to almost any surface.

Access awareness signs are part of a group of signage that helps to indicate routes of access both into and within a building or site for different groups of people.

We have a range of signs that include markers for pedestrian and disabled access routes, no entry signs for interior and exterior areas that are off limits to members of the public and signs for employees which help them decide whether they have the necessary privileges to enter a certain area.

The Importance of Sign Placement

This type of signage can be combined with hazard signs to help people understand why they are being kept out of certain areas and why it is important to obey the signs that are posted.

Access awareness signs have a role in both the exterior and interior of premises. Outside, these types of signs can be used to clearly indicate points of entry to a site or building and to indicate areas where public access is not allowed. Access awareness signs used inside are handy to demarcate public and private areas, creating staff only access to allow for privacy and behind the scenes work, as well as limiting access to hazardous areas for those who are not trained, qualified or equipped to enter.

Types of Access Awareness Signs

Access awareness signs can take the form of information signs which direct staff and visitors to entry points and accessible areas, prohibition signs which deny certain groups of people entry to certain areas and even hazard signs, which can be combined with Access Awareness Signs to help explain the reasoning behind restricting access to areas where unauthorised access might place people at risk, thus helping to ensure compliance.


What Access Awareness Signs do I need?

Your choice of access awareness signs will be informed by the needs of your business. Consider how to best signpost entry points and areas that are off limits and buy your access signs accordingly.

What are the benefits of Access Awareness Signs?

Access awareness signs make it clear where people should and shouldn’t go, even at moments when there are no staff members on hand to guide them. This reduces the risk of people struggling to access your services, as well as preventing unauthorised personal from straying into restricted areas.

Where should Access Awareness Signs be displayed?

Access awareness signs should be clearly displayed at entrance points, to give staff and visitors a clear idea of whether they should or should not be entering.