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School Rubbish Bins

Managing children’s facilities – such as schools, nurseries, childcare services, can be challenging. Nonetheless, the same health and safety regulations as you’d adhere to in any premises or workplace must be adhered to; including maintaining good levels of hygiene and cleanliness and ensuring corridors, entrances and exits aren’t obstructed by rubbish.

By providing the children and other visitors to your premises with the appropriate waste disposal equipment, you can minimise these potential health and safety risks - and encourage them to tidy up after themselves. Seton’s selection of School and Children Rubbish Bins are a fantastic way to encourage responsible litter disposal.

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Choosing Rubbish Bins For Children

Encouraging children to dispose of their rubbish responsibly is a great idea – though perhaps a slightly tougher job than it is when asking adults to do the same. Children and young adults may not realise the importance of keeping the area they spend time in clean and clear – or why it’s such a crucial matter when it comes to keeping them safe.

Litter and untidy, unclean surroundings can jeopardise the health of those within them; due to the poor levels of hygiene and sanitation. Unclean premises can lead to the breeding of bacteria, which can make us ill – very ill, in some cases, and also breaches health & safety guidelines. Litter and other obstructions can block corridors and fire exits; causing a trip hazard and jeopardising the safety and ability of those within the premises to escape quickly should an emergency occur.

Encouraging Responsible Rubbish Disposal

In an environment accessed by minors, it is the responsibility of the adults to keep them safe, well and to prevent potential health risks or accidents from occurring. One of the easiest ways to encourage children to dispose of their rubbish responsibly is by providing them with plenty of visible, accessible bins; to jog their memory and remind them to use these facilities. Encouraging this behaviour from an early age will promote it throughout life, meaning that these same levels of practice and good hygiene will be applied to all future life situations; including in future workplaces and homes.

A great way of encouraging children to use bins is to make them as prominent as possible within their environment. Our Pencil Litter Bins are impossible to miss – and make putting rubbish in the bin fun; therefore causing them to act as a constant reminder to the children to use them. Available in five brightly coloured designs and easy to clean / maintain, these School & Children Rubbish Bins are the perfect choice to deploy on-site within educational premises; making your premises cleaner and easier to maintain.

Are There Any Other Bins That May Be Useful To Me?

You may want to encourage recycling in school, again, to get children used to this from an early age to help protect the planet. Our range of Recycling Bins offer easy to clean, durable solutions; suitable for use in a variety of environments. To make things clearer and easier for schoolchildren to understand, you may also want to consider some Recycling Signs to display close to the bins.

If the school is based near or in grassy areas where people may walk their dogs, Dog Waste Bins are also advisable. Providing dog walkers with a hygienic, quick and safe way to dispose of their pet’s waste will encourage and remind them to do so. Dog fouling can be a real problem in some areas and with children perhaps not realising how dangerous the exposure to the parasites it contains can be, the danger to their health is very real.