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Drain Unblockers

There are a few necessary cleaning jobs that are fairly unpleasant to deal, with but if you want to keep your workplace running smoothly they have to be completed. Sometimes the maintenance of the building will fall upon the landlord, but this is not always the case. Therefore, you have to be prepared to tackle tasks such as unblocking the drains yourself. Drains can block without any warning so having the right equipment to hand just in case is a good idea and more information can be found in our buying guide. The equipment that you need is fairly simple, so most members of staff could be trained easily to unblock drains.

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Buying Blocked Drain Equipment

If the drains block at your place of business there are occasions where this could mean having to shut the business for at least a few hours while the problem is addressed. This is a course of action that will cost you money, particularly if you have to bring in a firm of professionals. Not only are you losing money from lack of custom while your business is temporarily closed, you will also have to pay another company to come out and complete a task that you could easily tackle yourself.

Furthermore, blocked drains could be a serious health and safety issue, so the sooner they are dealt with the better. Another downside to bringing in a firm from outside is that you have no idea how long you will have to wait. With the right equipment and a bit of training, you will find your business will run much more smoothly. Thanks to the selection of Drain Unblockers on offer at Seton, we can ensure that you are prepared in an event requiring your attention, giving you peace of mind that you are still health and safety compliant.

The 12-piece Drain Rod Set is a simple but effective piece of equipment that will enable you to handle the issue quickly and efficiently. Within the kit there are 12 rods that are almost a metre long, a plunger and a double worm screw — everything you need to get the drains unblocked and flowing freely again. The drain rods have been made from polypropylene but they have been fitted with brass-placed end connections. This will give you a nine-metre-long rod that will help you to reach the problem areas.

Using the set could not be simpler, but for good measure and accessibility the kit also comes with instructions. The kit can be reused time and time again and after the first time you use it you will wonder why you ever considered bringing in an outside firm. This small outlay will help to save you a great deal of money and time in the long term, all while maintaining those imperative health and safety regulations.

For additional unblocking effectiveness and to help control the odours you could also use our Enzyme Drain Unblocker which is biologically active and comes in a 5L tub.

Drains can become obstructed for all kinds of reasons, from dead leaves blocking them in autumn to litter finding its way into the system. Removing the problem is easy with the range of Drain Unblocking products we offer. You could even encourage staff to check all the drains on a regular basis so that you can prevent the start of any blockage before it becomes a problem.