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Construction Site Waste Signs

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines dictate that you need to plan how you're going to handle waste disposal. Our wide array of Construction Site Waste Signs offer the perfect choice for just that purpose and are extremely useful for providing guidance on how construction waste should be disposed of.

Having them posted around the construction site serves as a constant reminder that keeping the premises clean is an important contribution to pleasant working conditions as well as the safety of employees, visitors and members of the public.

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Disposing of Construction Waste

Unlike the typical Construction Site Signs that serve the purpose of reminding us of the dangers we may encounter while on site, the Construction Site Waste Signs are perhaps not as critical in regard to the safety of your workers. However, disposing of waste in the correct manner can not only ensure that you meet industry regulations, it can also ensure a clean, tidy and productive workplace.

Many of these signs may provide additional information on how to proceed when disposing of construction site waste. For example, if you have a special bin ready for disposing of certain types of materials, let your workers know by indicating this with a dedicated sign such as our highly visible ‘Plasterboard Waste’ Signs or our ‘Timber Waste’ Signs. That way, there will be no excuses, since these signs are designed to attract attention.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Leaving waste on the premises can be potentially dangerous to everyone who's situated there, and those who are just passing by. They might trip over it and injure themselves in the process, which could potentially open you up to all sorts of legal action being taken against you.

Furthermore, some types of construction waste are especially dangerous. This is especially true if we're talking about sharp objects or toxic chemicals. While it's impossible to fully prevent an accident from happening, the chances of this becoming a reality need to be kept to the absolute minimum.

Reinforcing simple messages regarding site cleanliness and waste disposal by using notices such as our ‘A Tidy Site Is A Safe Site’ Signs, you won't have to constantly keep reminding people to keep the place clean, since the signs will be doing that for you.

To complement them, you can also set up some Construction Site Information Signs. Together, they will can tell the whole story and even reveal your motives behind wanting to keep the place clean. Sometimes, additional explanation is all that's needed for someone to better understand what motivates you to post such rules. By letting them know of your intentions, people are much more likely to favourably respond to your directions.

Materials and Fixings

Display signs correctly - Ensuring that your signs are in the positioned correctly from the start can considerably increase their effectiveness. Our range of Sign Fixings allow you to securely fasten your signs anywhere you need them to be seen, both indoors and outside.

Superior materials - Our signs are available in a range of durable materials that are fully compliant with safety standards and legislation. This includes Correx, a corrugated plastic material suited for temporary notices on construction sites.

Custom options available - If cannot find the perfect sign for your needs among our selection, you can always take advantage of our Custom Site Safety Signs design tool to create a sign that features any text, images and symbols that you require.