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Office Safety Posters

Employers have a duty and responsibility to ensure that office safety policy and practice is implemented at all times. In addition to providing adequate training for employees, it is important to signpost expected practice within the workplace. An easy way of doing this is with Office Safety Posters, which can be prominently displayed in the relevant areas to ensure that health and safety messages are clearly communicated at all times. Our range of office safety posters covers a range of potential pitfalls in the workplace and outlines best practice to help ensure they are avoided.

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Safety Information in the Office: Buying Guide

Our office safety poster range works in conjunction with the rest of our health and safety posters, safety signs and information signs, to help ensure that workers, customers and visitors are clearly informed of safe practice while working in or visiting your office space.

Our poster range uses a combination of visual and verbal prompts to help reinforce health and safety practice within the workplace, using a range of diagrams, images and easily recognisable safety motifs to clearly communicate policy and expectations.

The range includes posters to help employees carry out their work in ways that reduce the risk of illness and injury. For example, we offer posters that advise on safe VDU (visual display unit) use to help ensure that workers can minimise the risk to eyes and posture that can result from spending long periods of time positioned in front of screens. We also supply posters with general health and safety advice for computer operators within the workplace.

Posters can also be used to raise worker awareness of slip, trip and fall hazards within the workplace, outlining ways in which these office risks can be minimised, as well as promoting general awareness within the workforce as they move around the space.

For offices where there are first aid signs, fire safety signs and other information signs on display, we have office safety posters that can help staff and visitors to correctly identify and interpret this signage, helping to ensure that everyone is fully informed of potential risks and the policies in place to minimise these risks within the workplace.

Our risk assessment posters can be used to give people working within an office the tools they need to correctly identify and manage potential health and safety risks in their workspace, while office-specific health and safety and computer safety checklists offer an easy reference for workers looking to comply with regulations and minimise risk in the office.

Recognising that office work can be a source of stress for some workers, our office safety poster range includes designs that offer information and advice on stress management. They provide step-by-step guidance on identifying and recognising stress, and outline strategies for coping with its potential impact on mental health, which can contribute to the health and wellbeing of a workforce.

Waste management posters and recycling signs can also be used as part of an office safety strategy, helping to keep workspaces clean and uncluttered, which can contribute to reduced risks of workplace illness and injury.

We also have office safety posters that promote the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) where indicated.

Once office safety posters have been selected, we have a range of poster fixings on offer that can be used to mount and display these useful tools within the workplace.