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Providing safe and convenient workspaces is essential for a productive, secure working environment and robust workbenches are a vital piece of equipment for those using tools. With the range of workbenches available in the collection of storage and shelving at Seton it is easy to find the right piece of equipment for your premises.
Maintaining safe working spaces is necessary for companies to protect their employees and to stay compliant with the law.

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Choosing Work Tables

The use of tools is common in many industries including construction and industrial companies. All tools have risks associated with them, which is the responsibility of the employer to reduce as much as possible. Protective equipment and training can go some way toward reducing the risks, but providing a secure space to use them is also essential. Well-made workbenches provide a convenient and safe space for the use of tools, improving the well-being of the tool operators and increasing workplace efficiency.

The type of business that benefits from having sturdy workbenches is ranges from huge industrial concerns to small workshops, and each one has its unique needs. The selection of workbenches at Seton is designed to reflect that, providing a wide range of options so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Our range includes simple no-frills workbenches that provide a sturdy workspace, and units featuring shelves and cupboards, providing storage for tools and materials. For extra security, we also have a workbench incorporating a lockable cupboard. To keep track of the keys needed for this and any other locks on your premises check out our range of products for this purpose.

In addition to supplying workbenches we also stock a range of shelving, panels and drawers to allow you to design a workstation to exactly fit the requirements of your premises. We understand that when you invest in workplace equipment you want products to last. The workbenches at Seton come in a range of materials, but all are designed to be sturdy and hardwearing, allowing them to cope well with demanding industrial environments.

All good employers want to create a safe, convenient workspace for their staff, but understanding the vast array of UK and EU health and safety requirements can be bewildering; we aim to remove a lot of the confusion from that area. We stock a huge range of safety products, making it easy for you to select the products you need to improve your workplace safety. All our products are checked to make sure they comply with the relevant legislation and if you have any further questions about which products are best for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A safe workplace will increase staff morale, making your premises a more content and efficient working environment. To further improve the well-being of your workforce, browse our selection of personal protective equipment so your workers can be fully equipped to work safely at their workbenches. Providing the right equipment to get the job done will increase productivity and give you peace of mind, knowing you have taken effective steps to protect your staff.