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Panic Bolts

Need help? Need help? Discover the importance of panic bolts Top Quality Panic Bolts - Fast delivery

Fires remain one of the foremost health and safety risks – both at work and in the home – claiming lives, causing damage and escalating costs. According to the Home Office fire and rescue services attended almost 685,000 incidents in Great Britain in 2019/20. England alone suffered 229 fire-related fatalities in 2020.

Although fire doors should remain closed at all times, it is crucial that people can evacuate through fire exit doors in case of emergencies. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 emphasises this necessity in the guidelines regarding evacuation routes and points. Panic bolts provide a way to lock and secure emergency exit doors, while at the same time making it possible to get out in case of danger.

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Installing Panic Bolts Will Make Fire Evacuations Easier

The purpose of a panic bolt is to allow fast evacuation without having to take time to unlock a door. Fire safety exit doors must adhere to some important requirements to aid the evacuation of a building in the case of an emergency.

  • It is recommended that secure fire doors are outward opening, meaning that they open in the direction of the evacuation. This can prevent bottle necks and resultant panicking during evacuations. An outward-opening exit door is particularly recommended if such a door is to be used by more than 60 people.

  • Security fittings, such as panic and emergency exit devices, on fire exit doors must allow for easy opening when the need for evacuation arises. These devices must not be complicated and must not delay the progress of emergency evacuations. It is important that any person can operate a fire door panic bolt.

  • People should only be able to open fire exit doors from the inside. Therefore, panic and emergency exit devices should not allow entry from the outside.

When installing a panic bolt, you need to make sure that it will not hamper or delay an evacuation in the case of danger.

The benefits of panic bolts

The installation of panic bolts on emergency exit doors addresses several issues:

  • Enhanced security. A fire door panic bolt allows a door to be opened easily from within while it remains locked and secure from the outside. This enables businesses to comply with legal regulations without compromising security. Some devices have fitted alarms or can be fitted with alarms, which adds even more security.

  • Controlled evacuation procedures. In an emergency situation, panic is common and people simply want to get away from the danger. Panic bolts assist with panic control and one-way evacuation flow during emergency evacuations. The ability to easily operate these devices also assists with faster evacuations.

  • Saves lives, prevents injuries, and curbs unnecessary costs. Properly installed, maintained and controlled fire exit doors are a fundamental health and safety precaution. According to these statistics negligence of fire door safety is staggering.

The best panic bolts

We have selected the best, heavy-duty panic bolts. These quality panic bolts comply with all regulatory requirements.

  • The Panic Bolt Unit is a fitted bolt and is suited for single doors. In case of an emergency, the vial on the bolt is broken and the door opens.

  • Consider our Heavy-Duty Panic Bolt for added security. This type of bolt has an integral locking mechanism and no additional locks are needed.

  • Panic Push Bars with top trips allow users to brace the panic bolt and keep the emergency exit open for evacuation.

Fire door safety is essential as part of any comprehensive fire risk asessment and evacuation plan. Panic bolts, fire door holders, and fire door closers help individuals and businesses to comply with legal requirements and avoid costly consequences.