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Key Reels & Lanyards

Security and peace of mind make such a difference to employee attitudes and morale at work, which is why it makes sense for companies to provide assistance in this area. The use of key reels and lanyards may not be a high priority, but providing employees with the ability to have ID, to see other people’s ID quickly, and to manage their keys in an effective and efficient manner creates a smoother working environment.

When there are many people on the move in the working environment, ensure people are in the right place with lanyards and key reels.

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Retractable Key Chains and ID Badge Holders: Buying Guide

When it comes to the modern workplace, there is no denying that there will be a lot of movement during the day or shift. Many companies require people to be in different places and taking responsibility for matters, but this can create a situation where unauthorised people can gain access to certain parts of the building.

Companies want to make sure that they know who each person is, because this increases safety, it can create a better environment for guests and it helps to ensure that people are where they should be. Thankfully, there are simple ways to achieve this. The use of lanyards, or ID cards and badge holders, allows employees to identify themselves. This is useful for fellow employees and it is great for customers who may be looking for assistance.

Identifying employees helps customers too

While the health and safety benefits of identifying people are crucial for companies, it is often overlooked that clarifying who people are, or what they do, can help clients and customers too. Every company should be looking to create a better user experience for their customers, and the simple process of identifying employees creates a starting point for customers to ask questions or just seek help.

Of course, in this situation, many firms will be looking to identify visitors too, and there is a wide range of ways that this can be taken care of. Once a visitor has signed into the premises, the use of lanyards or ID cards will ensure that everyone in the working environment has an identifier and their authorisation levels can be ascertained instantly. Whether your business focus in this regard is on security, safety, accountability or just providing a better standard of service, you’ll find that identifying everyone in the building or workspace is a smart idea.

Restricted areas must be managed properly

The issue of accessibility may revolve around certain people being allowed entry through certain doors or particular floors or levels of the working environment. There are many ways this can be achieved, and whether it is through key personnel having their own keys to gain entry or wrist bands being used to signify suitability to security personnel, firms should take steps to ensure only the right people are in the right places.

Accountability is key in the modern workplace and there is a wide range of options available for firms to select from when it comes to identifying people. Knowing that individuals have the freedom to move and work in the areas where they should be allowed, while minimising access of certain personnel to restricted areas, creates a safer and more efficient working environment, which is a benefit for every business.