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Box Cutters & Safety Knives

Need help? Need help? Choosing a box cutter or safety knife Stay-Sharp Box Cutters & Safety Knives - Free Delivery

Staying safe and free from injuries is always a priority in the workplace. It is also a legal requirement for businesses to comply with health and safety regulations. Providing employees with appropriate tools, such as safety knives and box cutters, is a sensible and easy way to maintain safety on site and to protect your staff from potential harm. We supply precision cutters, industrial box cutters and ergonomically-designed safety knives. Whatever type of blade you are looking for, we are sure to have a cutter to suit your business needs.

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Box Cutters and Safety Knives: Buying Guide

If you are looking for a box opener or cardboard cutter then your best choice is an industrial box cutter. The main safety feature of a box cutter is the concealed blade which allows the user to open and slice cardboard boxes with a minimised risk of cutting injury. There are many different types of box cutters including auto retractable box cutters such as the Slice® Auto-Retractable Box Cutter which features a ceramic blade and a rubberised handle for user comfort. If you require a lightweight, disposable box cutter then the Food Safe Dispo Lite Box Cutter is a great choice. This box cutter contains metal particles throughout the body to make it metal-detectable.

For a multi-functional, professional box cutter we offer the Martor SECUMAX 350 Box Cutter and the Martor SECUMAX Easysafe Box Cutter. We also supply small, portable cutters such as the Slice® Manual Carton Cutter and the Slice® Manual Mini Cutter which features a magnetic body for easy storage.

In addition to our large choice of box cutters, we have a wide selection of safety knives which are suitable for cutting a range of materials including cord, felt, plastic bands, shrink wrap and many more. For a professional, robust safety knife see our Martor SECUPRO Martego Safety Knife with its lockable blade function and our Martor SECUPRO Megasafe Safety Knife with its automatically retractable blade and soft-grip slider.

If you require a scraper tool such as a utility scraper then check out our Slice® Auto-Retractable Safety Scraper with its retractable ceramic blade or the Slice® Manual Utility Scraper which has a locking mechanism and is perfect for scraping paint or rust easily.

To go with our large choice of easy-change safety knives, we have a variety of packs of blades including steel Standard Replacement Blades, Ceramic Blades, Pointed-Tip Industrial Blades, Rounded-Tip Industrial Blades and Serrated Blades. For secure transportation of blades, see our Martor Blade Safebox which can hold up to 10 blades. When considering safety blade disposal, check out our Martor Used Blade Container, which is a highly-visible yellow and features a lockable lid.


What is a safety knife?

The main feature of a safety knife is a spring-loaded, retractable blade - this helps to minimise any risk of injury to the user as the blade is not left exposed when unattended. A safety knife is usually used for opening boxes, cutting string, shrink-wrap, packaging and other general purposes.

What is a box cutter?

A box cutter’s primary function is to cut cardboard boxes to size and is ideal in the packing industry. A box cutter usually features a concealed blade which makes it pocket and finger safe. Some box cutters have an additional feature of a built in tape cutter. They are great for cutting strapping and for opening boxes safely. Many box cutters have a lanyard eyelet so that the user can keep the cutter on their person conveniently.

What are the advantages of ceramic blades?

Ceramic blades are not magnetic, are chemically-inert, non-conductive and non-sparking. This makes them safer to use in certain environments where a regular steel blade could be more dangerous. Ceramic blades are also long-lasting and generally last more than 11 x longer than traditional metal blades.