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Box Cutters & Safety Knives

Need help? Need help? Why use a ceramic blade? You need to provide employees with safe equipment to ensure that they can complete their jobs without fear of accident or injury. Our Safety Knives will reduce the risks associated with the cutting and slicing of materials in workplaces on a daily basis. With world-leading patent-designed products and heavy-duty construction, we have a cutter that will meet your business requirements. Enterprises are required by law to meet health and safety regulations, so protect employees and visitors with a high-quality blade-based product.

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Box Cutters and Blades: Buying Guide

The GR8 range of safety knives are great for a multitude of jobs and tasks in workplaces, such as cutting through shrink wrap, strapping and cardboard. The GR8 Primo Safety Knife has a built-in tape cutter and a sturdy handle for quick operation. The enclosed blade ensures that employees won’t sustain cut-related injuries during operation or when storing it away in a pocket. The heavy-duty GR8 Pro Safety Knife is designed for industrial environments with its tough metal body and robust design. It also has a built-in tape cutter and enclosed blade, and both the Primo and Pro variants enable the quick and simple changing of blades.

For ease of use, the Slice Box Cutter goes above and beyond with its patent pending grip handle. The wraparound knuckle design with a rubber interior makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time and can ease repetitive strain, while the world’s first ceramic blade in a tool of this kind stays much sharper than standard steel. We have a Slice Pen Cutter with an ergonomic pen-shaped handle and rounded blade top for opening boxes and other tasks. We also offer the AutoSafe Safety Knife and SpringBack Safety Knife. Any of these cutters would be ideal for warehouses.

Work-based tasks often require a classic pair of scissors rather than a cutter or blade. The Slice Stainless Steel Scissors have polished finger grips and a lay-flat design for safe usage in a range of commercial and household environments. Our selection of cutters and blades can also meet the needs of organisations in sectors such as healthcare and emergency services. For example, the Dispo Lite Safety Knife with its lightweight and high-performance design can be stored in ambulances for use as a safety belt cutter, while the Food Safe Dispo Lite Safety Knife is great for food-based warehouses and workplaces.

We make it easy for you to replace any of the blades in your Slice Cutters with the Slice Ceramic Replacement Mini Blades, which last longer than metal blades and fit seamlessly into the Slice Box, Mini and Pen Cutters. There are also Ceramic Utility Blades for Slice Safety Cutters.

If you need a heavy-duty safety knife that will be durable and cut through materials such as plastic and boxes, then look no further than the AutoSafe Pro Safety Knife. This meets health and safety regulations with its automatic retracting blade design, which means that it will never cut or injure employees when left unattended. The solid metal construction means that this blade can be operated in environments such as construction and manufacturing. We have Ceramic Safety Knife Blades in packs of ten to use with AutoSafe products.

For a more mobile and lightweight product, the Dispo Mini Safety Knife excels with its finger-safe and compact design. All of our Safety Knives can be used with the vast catalogue of packaging tapes and tools that we offer, which range from poly bags to tags and ties, for a premium cutting and packaging solution.

Work Knives: Buying Guide

In a busy warehouse environment, knives can be used to cut a multitude of regularly used items including:

  • Boxes

  • Sacks or bags

  • Netting

  • Cable ties

  • Bubble wrap and other packaging materials

  • Strapping or binding

  • Rope

As with all tools, blades can be dangerous due to the high risk of injury that occurs during use. Safety knives are an ideal solution to this, providing an easily portable tool suitable for a variety of needs, while minimising the risk of an accident happening. There is a wide selection of safety knives in the range at Seton, allowing you to choose which ones are suitable for your workplace.

The safety knives in the range of workshop equipment at Seton have retractable or enclosed blades, meaning there is little chance of an accidental injury while the knife is not in use and allowing the smaller versions such as the Dispo mini safety knife to be carried safely. We also stock a range of replacement blades, so if a cutting edge is damaged it is not always necessary to replace the entire product.

For more specialised use, we also stock a precision cutter, while for general multi-purpose cutting the range includes scissors. All have been designed to be comfortable for regular use. The safety knives in our range are simple but effective tools which can be easily provided at little expense to all who need them.

Safety Cutters for Accident Prevention

Minimising the risks of injuries is a key obligation for employers and is covered in a number of EU and UK health and safety laws. As a leading online retailer of safety equipment we make sure all of our products comply with relevant legislation, allowing you to shop in complete confidence. With our vast range of products including safety knives and warehouse equipment, Seton can keep your business supplied with everything needed to keep staff safe.

Because accidents can still happen even with every precaution, it is important to have well-stocked first aid kits on your premises and, if knives are being used, plasters and dressings are of particular importance. By reducing the risk of injury as much as possible with the use of safety knives, and appropriate treatment available in case an accident does occur, you can feel confident you have taken the correct steps to protect your workforce.

Making sure staff are well equipped to carry out their daily tasks safely and efficiently will ensure your worksite continues to run smoothly. Providing safety knives is one step you can take to give your staff the good quality tools they need.