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Need help? Need help? Make lifesaving instructions as simple as possible Easily Protect from Expensive Errors - Machine Signs

Health and safety signage is extremely important for machinery operators. There are all kinds of safety issues when using mechanical equipment, with many requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or the use of protective guards.

Our Machine Signs utilise clear, simple messages and can be placed in a variety of locations thanks to our range of materials and fixings. To ensure the safety of your staff and visitors, make sure these signs are placed where needed and are clearly visible.

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Serious Risks

Some machinery and equipment can be very dangerous, particularly when it is used for cutting, grinding and drilling. There is not only the danger of cutting yourself but also of debris and sparks flying up and hitting you in the face. With the right Safety Signs, as well as the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the user will be aware of the potential problems and can take the necessary steps to prevent an accident.

When using cutting equipment, the obvious danger is from fast moving sharp blades. The warning sign ‘Guards Must Be In Position Before Starting’ Sign provides an essential message that gives a clear instruction on what to do before the machinery is switched on. The sign meets all the health and safety regulations and by choosing the self-adhesive fixing option, you can apply it in seconds, exactly where it is needed most.

Few people realise there are dangers when batteries are being charged, however, this is another situation where staff could be injured. Our ‘Danger Batteries Charging’ Sign is highly visible thanks to its multi-coloured design and features the widely-recognised warning triangle complete with the image of a battery. This appears next to an information notice instructing the user to shut the charger down before disconnecting it from the battery.

Simple Instructions

Sometimes it is the simplest of safety procedures that are the ones most easily overlooked, by adding Machine Signs with clear, easily-understood messages you can help to remind your workers to take special precautions and to use or finish using machinery in the appropriate way.

Some equipment dangers arise because the machinery has not been switched off properly and employees are unaware. A reminder to staff to switch off machinery when it is not being used is very useful and helps to ensure the next user of the machine is not put in unnecessary danger. Our ‘Switch Off When Not In Use’ Signs are eye-catching and will help to make sure the correct process is followed. It features simple blue with white lettering and complies with current safety regulations.

The ‘Use Guards’ Sign also features a very direct message. It could be that the machine could throw up small pieces of waste as it is working, or there are dangerous spinning blades. The sign makes it clear that the machinery should not be used without guards. Combined with the symbol, this makes it very easy to understand, even for those who perhaps do not speak the same language.

If your team is working in an area that may contain dangerous materials, a reminder such as our ‘Danger Hazardous Substances/See Data Sheets’ Signs reinforces the correct process with a clear and instantly understandable message. The warning triangle highlights the danger and the information panel directs the worker to consult the information sheets before proceeding with any work.

Materials and Fixings

Our self-adhesive fixing is a popular choice for Machine Signs, as they allow each message to be places precisely where it is needed most. Check out our full range of Sign Fixings and see which will suit your requirements most.

All of our Safety Signs are available in a wide variety of material options including specialist materials with heat and chemical resistant surfaces. Furthermore, take a look at our custom sign service in the event that you can’t find the message or image that you need.