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School Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? How can we encourage recycling in the classroom? Superhero Recycling Signs - Inspire Recycling at School

Every day, students throw away huge amounts of paper, card, plastic, food waste and drinks cans, where they end up in landfill sites. More than 75% of these materials could be readily recycled or composted, resulting in a saving of £millions in landfill taxes and thousands of tonnes of CO² equivalent emissions. (Source: WRAP)

As awareness of climate issues continues to grow, establishing an environmentally conscious lifestyle at a young age becomes increasingly important.

Encouraging pupils to recycle at school can create good habits that last a lifetime and pave the way to a greener future.

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How can we get school kids interested in recycling?

One way to encourage recycling in schools is to improve visibility of the recycling containers. If your recycling bins are bright, bold and attractive, then people, especially kids, are more likely to use them.

Making it clear what materials go into which recycling bins is also extremely important to avoid recycling contamination (mixing materials) or users not recycling at all because they’re unsure what can or cannot be recycled.

A strong recycling community begins in the classroom, so creating recycling initiatives in schools can have long-term benefits for a cleaner planet.

Make recycling fun

Recycling signs that are attractive and fun are much more likely to appeal to youngsters. Colourful, attention grabbing recycling signs can spark the imagination and interest of students and establish strong environmental values at a young age.

Clear and informative recycling signage strategically placed near or on your recycling containers draws attention to your recycling bins and increases their usage.

Once kids are in the habit of recycling in school they will have an increased awareness of recycling outside of school.

Why is recycling in school important?

With more than 34,000 schools in the UK and 10 million+ students, schools naturally generate enormous amounts of waste on a daily basis.

Paper and food waste are the biggest culprits with an estimated 200,000 tonnes of waste produced that could be recycled or composted, rather than landfilled or burned.

Reducing and avoiding the production of waste is a great first step: using electronic communication rather than paper printouts, having air dryers in bathrooms instead of paper towels and a communal drinking fountain to avoid students bringing plastic bottles of water to school.

Some waste is unavoidable however and the most practical solution to this challenge is recycling. Students should be educated on the value that recycling has in the battle against climate change and encouraged to recycle all appropriate materials.

What materials can be recycled in schools?

Many everyday items found in schools can be easily recycled including paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and drinks cans. Steel and aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and recycling is very energy efficient compared to the production of these materials.

If your school has a vending machine then you could place your recycling container near it to make recycling of drinks cans convenient and easy.

About 25% of school waste is paper, making it the main form of waste produced by schools. Having a designated paper-recycling bin prevents paper from being thrown away as rubbish.

Food is another area where schools produce an enormous amount of waste. Fruit, discarded sandwiches and half-eaten snacks can add up to hundreds of thousands of tonnes that end up in landfill sites where they release greenhouse gases such as methane. Avoiding food waste is the ideal situation, but failing that, it is far better to recycle/compost such items.


What if I need to move my recycling labels?

Our recycling signs are available in Removable, Repositionable Vinyl which allows you to reposition your recycling signs effortlessly. The specially designed material allows you to simply peel and reposition your recycling signs effortlessly and bubble-free. No special tools are required and no damage to the surface will be left behind.

What recycling containers do I need?

Having appropriate recycling containers for plastics, paper, metal cans and food waste makes it easier for those materials to be recycled in school.

At Seton, our recommendation and the most effective recycling signs are all that follow the recycling sign logos from the Government's ‘Recycle Now’ campaign. Choosing these will make it even easier for students to not only remember to recycle but to do it with confidence.

Our Box-Cycle Recycling Bins are ideally suited to our Superhero School Recycling Signs.
We have a wide range of appropriate Indoor Recycling Bins to suit your every recycling need.