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Traffic Mirrors

Need help? Need help? Installing a traffic mirror? Follow our simple guide! We have a superb selection of items to choose from, including plenty to help you manage traffic and car parking. Driving poses a number of hazards, particularly in car parks where light can be limited and there are several obstacles, but these risks can be reduced when visibility is good. Our traffic mirrors offer a simple and effective way of improving visibility for those behind the wheel.
Good visibility is essential for drivers, so it’s worth making the effort to ensure this is the case around your site. Our traffic mirrors are a great way to improve the situation and could help to reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Our 3 Directional Convex Traffic Mirrors provide large panoramic views, while our Heavy-Duty Round Traffic Mirrors are a more durable option. Many products are available in a variety of sizes and all are of a good standard and fairly priced, making it easier for you to select an option that suits the needs of your organisation.
Also available are Portable Inspection Mirrors for convenient hand held use.

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How do traffic mirrors work?

A traffic mirror, also sometimes known as a security mirror or a road safety mirror, allows drivers to have a better and safer overview of their surroundings. A convex traffic mirror has a curved surface and can provide up to a 180° view, allowing drivers to see around blind corners and other obstructions. They can be useful in parking areas, loading bays and delivery areas, and are also an effective way to ensure that drivers can see aisle traffic in a store or warehouse.

What are dome traffic mirrors?

Dome traffic mirrors have a lens that is even more curved than a convex mirror, and will therefore increase visibility at an even broader angle, giving a panoramic overview of the area. Dome mirrors can be full, half or quarter domes, also known as 90°, 180° or 360° mirrors. Dome mirrors are often used indoors, and, like convex mirrors, can help eliminate any dangerous blind spots that drivers or other workers could not normally see easily.

What is a blind spot mirror?

While a traffic mirror is often good for seeing around blind corners, a blind spot mirror is not the same thing as a traffic mirror. In the UK, a blind spot mirror generally refers to a small ‘extra’ mirror that can be fitted to side mirrors on a vehicle in order to show the driver parts of the road that are usually hidden from their line of sight. A blind spot mirror is generally fitted to a car or other vehicle, whereas a traffic mirror is generally installed on a road, in a carpark or elsewhere on your business premises, such as on an outdoor worksite or in a warehouse.

How to install a traffic mirror

Before installing a traffic mirror, it is useful to do a risk assessment to see which areas of your business premises might benefit from it. You can install a traffic mirror on pole or wall, and some traffic visibility mirrors may come with a pole, post or wall mounting for your convenience. It is, of course, essential to ensure that the driveway mirror is securely fixed in place. Some security mirrors can actually be fitted directly to vehicles, such as our Fork Lift Truck Mirror.

How to position a traffic mirror

A traffic mirror should be placed where it will reduce danger by greatly increasing the range of visibility for workers in the area. Places where vehicles are reversing or manoeuvring, or where there are either natural or man-made obstructions, will often benefit from a traffic mirror. Traffic mirrors can be useful for both drivers and pedestrians, allowing both to check for approaching traffic that they would otherwise not be able to see. Check carefully to make sure that the position of your traffic mirror gives the best overview of the area possible, preferably making any blind spots more visible and effectively reducing the danger of accidents on your premises.

What are the best traffic mirrors to buy in the UK?

This will depend on your individual circumstances, but here are a few of our popular traffic mirrors:

  • Fork Lift Truck Mirror – This can be fitted to the front or rear of a forklift, allowing the driver to easily see surrounding obstacles and workers.

  • 3 Directional Convex Traffic Mirrors – These unbreakable traffic mirrors are easy to install and fully adjustable in order to achieve the optimal viewing angle.

  • 180° Panoramic Traffic Mirror – With a 10-metre viewing distance, this traffic mirror is ideal for car parks, warehouses, factories and loading bays.

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